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4.8 of 5 stars
Such an Adorable Collection
by Damaris written Oct 06, 2018
I've received it as a gift and on top of that, I've subscribed on the other collections as well. One thing I can say, Super ADORABLE~ The stickers are of good quality and are very versatile. However, just like any subscription with a varying theme... sometimes they're a bum. But the awesomeness outweighs it all thus I'm keeping my subscriptions.
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I love it!
by Alexandra written Oct 04, 2018
This is probably the best subscription box (envelope) I've ever subscribed to! Adorable packaging, and packed well, in a little display pouch that is easy to store. I really liked how the stickers included a lot of seasonal touches, and different types and textures. There was some truly lovely artwork in the collection I received this month. It was a pleasure to look through, and I really felt like I was getting value for money. I think anyone who likes stickers should at least try it.
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by Jessica written Sep 26, 2018
The Retro Pack is BEYOND stunning and I’m so excited to continue to get these in the mail. They’re definitely going to add something special to my planner and bullet journal. AMAZING.
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by Catherine written Sep 21, 2018
I loved it so much that I went to their website to get the past packs! I got the Retro pack, which was just filled with quality, original and beautiful stickers and stationery. P.S.: the packaging is as cute as its contents!
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Happiness Overload - they are NOT kiddin
by Norma written Sep 05, 2018
Holy cow!! Ok. STICKII Club is by far the best subscription I have come across. Growing up being obsessed with cute stickers was tied to adolescence and I feel so relieved to know that there's a huge group of ADULTS (like me!!) who are still obsessed w using or collecting cute stickers. I love that this service comes in 3 different themes because hey, we're all different! Pricing is great for the amount of stickers & accessories plus shipping. Customer service is top knotch - thankfully, they realize that customers are what makes this great idea of theirs into a reality and it shows in how well they handle complaints/requests. I am on and off with this subscription. Whenever my budgeting allows it, it's the first thing I hop on. Can't wait for my September envelope to arrive!!
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So in love
by JULIANNE written Sep 04, 2018
I look forward to these so much. I wish these were weekly! hahaha
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by Ivy written Aug 31, 2018
Super cute, super quirky- great quality & great value <3
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Nice Quality
by Anna written Aug 15, 2018
I felt as though there should have been more sheets of stickers in the package, but what I received was very good quality so it helped make up for it.
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Love it
by Jeanette written Jul 31, 2018
I got my first box last week. I loved how much I got-several sheets of stickers, a patch, washi tape, sticker flakes, and a cute vellum sleeve to keep it in. Definitely getting my money’s worth.
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by Rebecca written Jul 31, 2018
I’ve only gotten my first pack so far, but it’s great! I love the wide range of stickers included and how they are all in the same theme and colors. Additionally, the storage pack included is very handy.
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