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Lots of fun
by Whitney written Jun 11, 2018
I currently receive a lot of different types of monthly subscriptions each month. I was researching something along the lines of Stationary and came across STICKII. Each month you get at least 5 full sheets of stickers, and a few other items. Each month before they bill you, they show you the spoilers for that upcoming month and let you choose which pack you want out of the 3 different themed packs. I usually select the "Cute" pack. I really enjoy this subscription. Although it's not for stationary, you can certainly use the stickers to seal envelopes or to add decoration to letters, cards, etc. I'm 36 yrs old and LOVE MY STICKII SUBSCRIPTION. I've been a member for about 8 months now .
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So many stickers :)
by Tamara written Jun 10, 2018
I adore my Stickii club subscription, I receive the cute pack btw. They send a pretty awesome variety of stickers based around a theme (and some pretty awesome shaped paperclips) every month. The delivery is trackable which is a plus. Love it!
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In sticker heaven!
by Charissa written Jun 07, 2018
I can't believe it took me so long to find a sticker subscription. And I love the fact that they have previews for what will be in the pack for the upcoming month. The first one I received was the "I love bread" themed package and I love every sheet included. So far I'm loving it.
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I absolutely LOVE Stickii Club!
by Natalie written Jun 07, 2018
Every single sticker was perfect. I love the sheet the come in. I am looking forward to my June pack. Can't wait!!! 😍
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Quality stickers every month!
by Natalie written Jun 02, 2018
I'm in love with this sub and happy to add more stickers to my collection every month!
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All the stickers I never knew I needed
by Amber written May 29, 2018
I LOVE this subscription! I need all the stickers. ALL OF THEM.
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Adorable fun monthly surprise!
by Kathryn written May 25, 2018
I love Stickii Club! I love getting a surprise collection every month to use in my planner and journal. Each month has a new theme and enough stickers to use in many different applications. You can even get past packs/sheets from their site.
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by Beth written May 16, 2018
Love these stickers! Definitely feel like I am getting my money's worth. I got the POP collection, and am very happy with the variety and quality. The styles are very contemporary, and nothing felt like it was "leftover" stock that they needed to get rid of. I also loved the patch and intricate paper clip, not to mention the plastic STICKII organizer that came with it. Will absolutely order again.
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Adorable Stickers Holy Flippers
by Bea written May 15, 2018
Absolutely love everything that I get from this box! From the neat lookin' paper clips to the puffy stickers (that I adore), Stickii Club is full of cute and beautiful designs. For ten bucks a month? Heck yeah! Not to mention that they're quick to respond when you have a problem and quick to help fix it, which in my case (post office lost my first box and they resent it) was greatly appreciated! 100% Recommend!
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A great sticker club!
by Elizabeth written May 10, 2018
Excellent value. I would definitely say this is one of my favorite subscriptions I've ever had. As a matter of fact, I used to have 2 monthly subscriptions, one cute pack and one pop pack, cutting back and now I just have one. These are highly addictive high quality stickers.
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