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4.7 of 5 stars
by Parisa written 6 months ago
I absolutely LOVE the Stickii stickers I get each month! Im a scrapbooker who may have an obsession with stickers. I was a little skeptical about how nice these stickers would be after seeing other sticker subscriptions but these ones are adorable and I can't get enough of them!! I look forward to getting these each month 🎀
by Timea written 6 months ago
I love Stickii so much. I got a lot of beautiful stickers and I love that they send me sheets not just peaces of a sheet. When I have a problem, they try to solve it as fast as possible, and write very kind messages to me. I like it so much, so I resigned in every month ^^
by Katherine written 6 months ago
Sticker mail is the best mail. I wait for this package every month. The cute pack is so good, with different themes every month and things, like sticky notes and page markers. I love this subscription!
by Brittany written 6 months ago
Extremely pleased with my first subscription! The Retro pack was absolutely beautiful with lovely florals and foiled accents. The sign up process was easy, the automated subscription is straight forward, and shipping is very quick. I had a shipping address error on my part and Rita went above and beyond with seriously outstanding customer service. Thoroughly impressed and can't wait for the next month! I may have to add the Cute pack too!
by Erin written 7 months ago
I signed up for the 3 month subscription. I figured "Retro" would be more of a design of nostalgic or an old-fashioned look but I was wrong.. The stickers are cute and good quality. I feel it's good pricing for what a person receives. With no fault of the company there is a several week delay receiving from US to Canada. It's nice to get good quality stickers I don't see in the craft stores at a decent price. Good job :)
Love this sub!
by Ranger written 7 months ago
I've been subbed to this box now since September, and I've loved it. The sticky notes are hit and miss though sometimes they never stick no mattef how cute they are, but the bookmarks have been amazing. I love getting these extras. I always check their instagram for theme spoliers because I tend to bounce between their Retro and Cute a lot. Or I buy it twice that month to get both. ;-; The only thing I would change is to add sub options to get two themes so I don't have to change my sub multiple times to get both. If you a have an issue with postage make sure you contact them! I've never had to worry about it, but it seems other people have. Write! <3
Not Worth It
by Christina written 8 months ago
Extremely disappointed with my sticker set. The flower sheet stickers were incredibly thin and I had trouble peeling them off. The little sticky notes were cute but didn't stick very well, if at all to any kind of paper, making them completely useless. The overall quality of the stickers were incredibly cheap and just... meh. I ordered the cute pack, thinking there would be a variety of cute stickers, but they were literally all animals. Not a variety at all. I was also a little irritated at the fact that I owed postage for the envelope? I'm happy I only tried it for a month to test it out. I will not be re subscribing. I'd rather go to Dollar Tree and find higher quality stickers there for a better price.
STICKII Club said...
2 months ago
We're so sorry you did not like your pack! Our packs are 'themed' every month and there is a chance you got one where animals were a theme. We do sneak peeks of each pack on our instagram and send out a spoiler email at the end of the first week so you can decide which pack you want, you're free to change your style up till the 8th of every month to ensure you are getting something you'll love. We always ensure proper postage is on our packs but there are rare cases where different areas fluctuate and it falls short, please always feel free to reach out and let us know so we can resolve it for you!
by Christine written 8 months ago
Loved my first pack!
Cute and retro pack
by Jennifer written 8 months ago
I got both cute and retro pack and they were both so cute! These stickers are unique and you won't find them anywhere else. I loved marchs cute pack with all the pandas and foods with faces, and the butterflies in the retro pack! ALL of them were so cute. There wasn't one that I didn't like! Love stickii club!
So many stickers!
by Jennifer written 8 months ago
I was absolutely surprised by the amount of stickers I received. I'm not sure if there is a theme every month but my first pack was awesome. I got pandas (my favorite animal) and giraffe, super cute kawaii foods, and loads more. :D I even got sticky note bookmarks!! I love this subscription.