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Great Stickers & Customer Service!
by Jennifer written 4 months ago
I love receiving stickers from Stickii Club! They have such fun themes and I love how they have 3 varieties to choose from. It's easy to switch between which pack you want each month. When one month's sticker pack hadn't arrived 2 weeks after the regular time, I reached out to Stickii Club via email. I received a response within 24 hours explaining the issue after a thorough investigation. I received that month's pack just fine a day or two later and *loved* it. When I wasn't absolutely in love with any of the month's packs, I've written them and they transferred my monthly payment to the next month. As a mom, I love having something that's just for me. I use the stickers to decorate my planner. I also share my stickers with my daughter and we have fun using them together. I highly recommend Stickii Club!! So glad I found it!
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by Jeanne written 4 months ago
Great Service! I just received my stickers today and they are so cute especially the golden key bookmark I got in the September issue 💕. You guys keep up the good work on these special stickers and making every customer excited when they get their mail (literally me when I saw my Stickii mail 😂).
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Cute stickers and great customer service
by Stephanie written 5 months ago
This is a great service. The stickers are excellent quality and genuinely cute and then I don't spend a ton of time and money trying to hunt down mediocre ones and I look forward to them each month and get excited when the mail comes. The customer service is really excellent as well. There was a little mix up with my package one month (I switched several times so it's understandable) and I got the wrong one sent out. I contacted Stickii and they sent out the correct pack and just said I could keep the other one (I only expected a coupon or something, so this was already really nice). That one got lost in the mail somehow and I felt so bad asking them, but they were amazingly accommodating and they sent out *another* one and even included some washi to apologize for the mix-up. This is a really great company and they put a smile on my face every month.
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I'm hooked!
by Deborah written 5 months ago
I received my stickers today and WOW, they're great! For my first time I ordered the Pop pack, and the crystal theme is absolutely gorgeous. I got : 2 sets of sticky notes, 6 sheets of stickers (4 big and 2 smaller), and a little pocket full of individual stickers. And they all look great! Also, the shipping was quite fast (and I live in France, mind you), which adds to the good feeling. I think I'll stay for another couple of months, well done STICKII! ♥
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Better than expected!
by Alia written 5 months ago
I really loved the stickers I got, and also got more than I expected to! I am VERY picky about stickers, both in appearance and quality, and was really happy to find these are good ones! I had only planned on trying this box out, but decided to keep it!
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Stickii ROCKS
by Renee written 6 months ago
I subscribe to 2 of the packs and I have never been disappointed. Usually amazed and entranced! My planner and I are joined at the hip and Stickii makes it such a pleasure!! Buy yourself this present. (Btw, no one gave me anything or paid me to say this, just a normal subscriber)
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Very happy!
by Michelle written 6 months ago
I bought one cute pack just to try it out, and i will definitely be subscribing for more! It's lovely - I got a nice range of stickers and I absolutely loved all the stickers I received. I had a little trouble signing up for a subscription on their official website for some reason, so I just signed up through cratejoy - not a big problem. Highly recommend!
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Pretty cool
by Leslie written 7 months ago
I have the retro packet. I love it so far. I've been receiving them for a few months now. It's decently priced and they're unique and beautiful.
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Amazing product!
by laura written 7 months ago
I have received 6 envelopes from Stickii so far and every single one of them has been amazing, I cannot wait for my pink envelope to arrive every month. Stickii provides a great product with affordable prices, I'm so impressed with Stickii I am considering subscribing to one of the other packs available. Thanks Stickii keep up the good work
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So incredibly cute
by Leah written 8 months ago
I am obsessed with the cute pack. I don't really have any need for a bunch of stickers, but they make me so incredibly happy, that I get so excited every time I see the pink envelope in the mail.
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