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Retro Pack
by Ellen written Feb 27, 2018
I just love receiving my Retro Pack every month going on a year of lovely stickers, post card, different knickknacks stickers which is great for a mature age woman. I also love the new plastic page which makes it better to keep them in. Now, I have to purchase the booklet.
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by Michelle written Feb 20, 2018
I received my first pack a few days ago, and I adore everything in it! I chose the retro pack, this month's theme being "Wishing for Spring" and the stickers were beautiful and just what I was hoping for. Great value as well
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Wonderful products and customer service
by Joanna written Feb 09, 2018
I have been a subscriber since March 2017 and I have to admit that it is the best subscriber box I have had a pleasure to receive. The products are wonderful and really pretty (and there are not only stickers but also bookmarks, post-its, and other stationery items) and I have always been satisfied with what I have received (totally worth 10 dollars). STICKII also has a wonderful customer support - they reply quickly, are always super helpful and nice and always ensure that you get are satisfied with your subscription (if you don't receive your subscription, they will send you a replacement which is wonderful). I would gladly recommend STICKII Club to every sticker and stationary lover!
by Bianca written Feb 08, 2018
Love the quality and the cuteness of the stickers. Very hard trying to NOT buy all three packs. Great job STICKII crew!
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by Skye written Feb 07, 2018
Have had stickiiclub for a few months now with the retro pack then just swapped to the cute pack and i have loved every one i have received. Reasonable price even to Australia and arrives just before the end of the month. Very happy.
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I look forward to Stickii every month:
by Sarah written Feb 05, 2018
I subscribe to another sticker service and while their stickers are cute, they’re not as unique as Stickii, nor are they customized: Stickii lets you decide if you want cute, retro or pop. I LOVE the new packaging too! Finally my stickers are organized and protected. You get a lot for the money too. I highly recommend a Stickii subscription.
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It's great!
by Ana written Feb 04, 2018
I'm new at Stickii Club, it's only been a month, but I'm loving it. And my kids, who want my stickers, too. :D Excited for next month package!
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Super cute and love the new update!!!
by Zoë written Jan 30, 2018
Adorable stickers every month!!! Was never disappointed! The new update with the little inserts was a really nice idea! The only reason I had to stop my subscription is due to family issues. I will definitely resub once I can afford to again!! ♥ I love the featured artist stickers they are always beautiful and every sticker pack and sheet are always brilliant quality!! Great value for money and lots of amazing stickers that are almost too good to stick on anything!! ♥
Great Just Got Better!!
by Sharon written Jan 26, 2018
I've been subscribing to all three categories of Stickii for many months now and after receiving January's box I had to write another review! They just added to an already great selection of sticker sheets, flakes, and other items by adding a four-pocket plastic organizer page with each one. My sticker fascination has grown wildly over the past several and I've tried numerous different storage solutions, but had yet to find the "perfect" one. With these new organizing page protectors, I've found that they coordinate really well with a graduated accordion-type desktop folder called a "sticker stadium" (available on Amazon for $17). Additionally, I've had a few experiences with customer service and have found them to be "bend-over-backwards" amazing! Thanks, Stickii, and keep up the good work!!
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I like it
by Rebecca written Jan 25, 2018
I have only gotten the cute packs, but I've love the different styles that come in each pack
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