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4.7 of 5 stars
Beautiful, good quality stickers!
by Carina written last year
Received my stickers two weeks ago, and I must say that having them finally gave me a reason to write on my journal. I got the Kawaii pack, and it is Kawaii indeed!!! I went from writing one entry every 3 months to writing every day, just because of the super cute stickers that came with it. I took it to work with me and my co-workers loved it too! We give stickers to well-behaved children (I work at a bank, it's easy for them to get impatient during those boring hour-long meetings). As soon as they revealed the spoilers for next month's package I ordered right away. Shipping is super reasonable to Canada. It is my little joy in the mailbox during the long, dreadful winter months...
Beautiful Stickers Selection and Price
by ELLEN written last year
I just received my December 2017 Peaceful Life Retro theme and was amazed on the beauty, odd selection, Paris sticker sheet, and how many sheets of stickers I received, washi tape sample which will be used for my travel notebook journal and a paper clip. This will be my sticker of choice club for the value can not be beat.
Great value and unique selection
by Alix written last year
I loved my sticker box! The box included stickers of all sizes and unique varieties, plus some washi tape samples. It's very fun. Unfortunately, I don't think I will use the stickers enough to justify getting this whole box every month - if they had a quarterly option, I would love to do that. If you are a sticker lover, I highly recommend this box!
by Lee written last year
A few months ago I decided to treat myself with a subscription to the Cute Pack of stickers from Stickii. This has ended up being one of the best things I've done for myself. Every month at around the time it's delivered (usually the end of the month), I start getting excited, and when I see that bright pink envelope in my mailbox, it's like a miniature Christmas. The stickers and various other items are always of a high quality and extremely cute. The only thing I wish is that there would be more information given with them-- as it is, I've got some sheets that are so adorable that I'm afraid to use them because I've no idea where to get more! But all in all, for the price of a meal at a medium-quality chain restaurant, I get to surprise myself each month with a gift I will enjoy for years to come, in both using these stickers and in looking back at the journaling and scrapbooking I've used them in. I'd highly recommend it.
A Delightful Treat
by Kristen written last year
Adorable stickers that always ship on time. Seller has great communication too. Excellent value and a fun treat.
Great subscription service!
by Emma written last year
I have always loved stickers, and was intrigued by the idea of a sticker subscription service when I saw an ad for 'Pipsticks' on Facebook. However, when watching Pipsticks unboxing videos I was disappointed but the selection of stickers I saw. But with a quick search, I found a list of sticker subscription services and Stickii Club caught my eye, it seemed to have the best selection and at such a good price (plus the option to choose your aesthetic? Brilliant!) I got my first envelope today and I am thrilled with the service- it came incredibly quick, and the stickers are adorable as well as good quality. I am so excited for next month's pack already! I can tell already I will be a subscriber to Stickii Club for a good long while.
Yay for Stickers!!
by Kathy written last year
Have been a subscriber for a couple months now and have been super happy. Each pack is themed and has the best, never seen stickers. This past pack even had an extra unexpected "sticky" item. Definitely recommended.
Awesome curation
by Symi written last year
I've been getting this subscription for a few months now. Super happy with the curation for each pack every month and I think the number and quality of their stickers really make it worth the price!!
by Cameron written last year
This subscription is amazing. I get both the cute pack and the pop pack, and I love both! It is totally worth the money! Customer service is also amazing. One of my packs got lost in the mail, and after I contacted them on Instagram they told me they sent me another one in a matter of minutes! I love this company.
Cuteness overload!!!
by Ann written last year
I got the June subscription and the theme is bunnies. Omg I'm in love!! These are the cutest stickers ever!! Worth every penny. I recommend this to anyone that loves cute things and stickers!!!