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Sticking club
by Leslie written Jan 08, 2018
Finally found the right subscription for me with the Cute pack. Love these stickers.also tried the Pop pack and Retro pack
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So cute!
by Jennifer written Jan 07, 2018
I've never been disappointed! Each pack has so many stickers. Sometimes you get an awesome bookmark too. I would definitely recommend this subscription.
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by Lilia written Jan 05, 2018
I love the variety and that if u follow them on social media u can get hints and chance the pack u want to recieve
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Great Subscription!
by Megan written Jan 04, 2018
I love their themed packs, Cute, Retro and Pop themes. Their sneak peeks are great, you get a tease of that month's theme and you can change your theme from month to month on your account page if any month's sneak peek isn't something you want or another theme is something you have to have. The amount of stickers you receive is a great bargain for the price and there is usually an extra "goodie" of a bookmark or sticky notes in the pack. After being subscribed to another sticker service at the same price point and comparing what came in my monthly packs, it became clear that not only was STICKII a better value, but their themed packs get much more use than the random stickers. Their customer service is amazing and they are very active on their Instagram feed as well. Prices in their shop are reasonable if you'd like a past pack or a couple of sheets from a previous pack, this is a company that cares about their customers and provides a great product at a great price. An added bonus, if you would like to purchase more than one of their themed packs on any month, you can "gift" yourself with a one month subscription to the theme you'd like to receive in addition to your regular pack.
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Great Value
by Kathy written Jan 04, 2018
I haven't been unhappy with any of the deliveries! I've been so happy with the stickers and cute extras that come monthly that I added a 2nd subscription. Yay!!
by Jennifer written Jan 04, 2018
I absolutely love stickers so to get a subscription for brand new stickers every month is a dream come true. The stickers are all great quality & they're not just random stickers you can buy at Wal-Mart or anything like that. They are cool & unique.
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by Catherine written Jan 04, 2018
I've been getting stickers for a few months and I've loved all of them! They're so cute and fulfill my love of awesome stickers. The stickers are unique, which makes this subscription worth it! It's nice that I can change the "theme" up each month if I want. I, also, like that they put the month on a sticker that seals the envelope.
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I love Stickii ! ❤
by Alejandra written Dec 31, 2017
I am a sticker lover! Out of all the sticker subscriptions I've tried , Stickii is the best! And is the only one I still have because their Cute pack is to die for! 😍 I get super excited everytime it arrives in my mail ❤
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If I could, I would give them 10 STARS!!
by Bethann written Dec 03, 2017
I started my Stickii Club Subscription with 2 of the 3 available packs. When I first received the Cute and Retro pack, i was so incredibly impressed i decided to get the Pop pack for one month to just see what it was like, and I never looked back. I have been getting all 3 packs ever since. At first you think "oh cool a sticker subscription i can afford" but Stickii is more than that! When they say " It's not just stickers, it's happiness overload" that is the truth! I have yet to be disappointed in anything i have received from my Subscriptions, Its been almost 6 months since my first pack (Dec 2017 is my 6th month). I Love the variety of products as well as the helpful staff that are there to help you if you have any questions or concerns. *Bonus- they are also VERY quick to reply when you need them, you wont wait weeks, they reply to messages very quickly* Would I recommend Stickii Club ? YES! As a matter of fact i already have told all of my friends and family about them. I honestly think Stickii is the best Sticker (and happiness) company i have run across, and i have never been disappointed with any of their products or services. If you are thinking "oh i will just get one pack to see how it is", trust me, when you get the first one, You will wish you had gotten all 3! STICKII CLUB .. WORTH 10 STARS!!!
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Such a great subscription!
by Christina written Dec 01, 2017
I've gotten Stickii for a few months on and off and I absolutely love it. I get the Cute Pack and they always have such a great selection of stickers! It's a great value for what you get, and it always makes me smile seeing the pink envelope in the mail. Their customer service is fantastic too. Can't recommend enough!
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