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Excellent choice for people who pen pal
by Erin written Oct 18, 2017
Stickii club has a great selection of stickers that are sent monthly. I use them for add-ins with my pen pal letters and sometimes to decorate. High quality stickers and items. Customer service is fantastic and responds quickly. An excellent choice for people who do crafts, pen pals or just want some extra stickers.
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Perfect for so many occasions!
by Candace written Oct 18, 2017
First, Stickii Club has the BEST customer service! I sub to many subscription services, and they are hands down the best I have ever interacted. The stickers are top-notch, so fun, and have many uses. I receive the cute pack, and it gives me so much joy when I get the pack each month. I love using them for my planner, in my notes, and on cards and letters.
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Must have for sticker addicts
by Krisztina written Oct 18, 2017
In the last year, I gave a shot for so many sticker subscriptions, but STICKII Club is the best from all. I love that they offer 3 different themed packs in a month - all of them is well curated, well arrenged and has good quality and beautiful stickers inside. If you have any problem (like receiving a different pack or not receiving anything) they have a quite fast and kind solution to any problem.
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I look so forward to my Stickii Club
by Alexis written Oct 12, 2017
I can’t pick a favorite month because I love every months curation. I’m 37 and I get Stickii Club for myself. You never outgrow stickers. I’m also saving a lot of money with Stickii. It’s a great deal. This many stickers and accessories would cost me double what I pay for Stickii Club. I recommend the Club to everyone at any age. You’ll love what you get!
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by Maria written Oct 11, 2017
It's amazing. I don't have much to add after reading all the other reviews, the only thing I can say is that YES, they're as amazing as the others say: stickers are wonderful and u can choose between 3 themes ! Also they're pretty considerated when you have a problem or sth. I highly recommend them :)
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Great Stickers & Customer Service!
by Jennifer written Oct 09, 2017
I love receiving stickers from Stickii Club! They have such fun themes and I love how they have 3 varieties to choose from. It's easy to switch between which pack you want each month. When one month's sticker pack hadn't arrived 2 weeks after the regular time, I reached out to Stickii Club via email. I received a response within 24 hours explaining the issue after a thorough investigation. I received that month's pack just fine a day or two later and *loved* it. When I wasn't absolutely in love with any of the month's packs, I've written them and they transferred my monthly payment to the next month. As a mom, I love having something that's just for me. I use the stickers to decorate my planner. I also share my stickers with my daughter and we have fun using them together. I highly recommend Stickii Club!! So glad I found it!
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by Jeanne written Oct 05, 2017
Great Service! I just received my stickers today and they are so cute especially the golden key bookmark I got in the September issue 💕. You guys keep up the good work on these special stickers and making every customer excited when they get their mail (literally me when I saw my Stickii mail 😂).
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Cute stickers and great customer service
by Stephanie written Sep 27, 2017
This is a great service. The stickers are excellent quality and genuinely cute and then I don't spend a ton of time and money trying to hunt down mediocre ones and I look forward to them each month and get excited when the mail comes. The customer service is really excellent as well. There was a little mix up with my package one month (I switched several times so it's understandable) and I got the wrong one sent out. I contacted Stickii and they sent out the correct pack and just said I could keep the other one (I only expected a coupon or something, so this was already really nice). That one got lost in the mail somehow and I felt so bad asking them, but they were amazingly accommodating and they sent out *another* one and even included some washi to apologize for the mix-up. This is a really great company and they put a smile on my face every month.
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I'm hooked!
by Deborah written Sep 18, 2017
I received my stickers today and WOW, they're great! For my first time I ordered the Pop pack, and the crystal theme is absolutely gorgeous. I got : 2 sets of sticky notes, 6 sheets of stickers (4 big and 2 smaller), and a little pocket full of individual stickers. And they all look great! Also, the shipping was quite fast (and I live in France, mind you), which adds to the good feeling. I think I'll stay for another couple of months, well done STICKII! ♥
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Better than expected!
by Alia written Sep 16, 2017
I really loved the stickers I got, and also got more than I expected to! I am VERY picky about stickers, both in appearance and quality, and was really happy to find these are good ones! I had only planned on trying this box out, but decided to keep it!
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