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Customer Service could be better

Feb 21, 2020
Steven T.
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Subscribed for 4 months

This review is for the shipping and customer service since the subscription was given to someone as a gift. Minimal response or effort to help the customer resolve their issue. I was a repeat customer since the first subscription I gave was well received. So perhaps it's fine as long as you don't need to reach out to the seller.

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Very Little

Feb 19, 2019
Courtney K.
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Subscribed for 3 months

One Beef Stick really I can go to the store for less $$$

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Stick in a Box said...Feb 21, 2019

We've reached out to the customer directly to resolve this issue, this response is just to address the review publicly.

After speaking with the customer, we found out that their January package indeed only contained one beef stick. We're still not sure if the additional products were lost during shipping, or if there was an oversight during fulfilment. Either way, the customer didn't receive all of the products they should have for that month, so we immediately sent out another package to correct the error.

If any customer experiences an issue of any kind with their subscription, please send us a message directly and we will be more than happy to quickly respond and get it resolved.

May or May not Receive

Apr 13, 2018
Hannah S.
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Subscribed for 6 months

When my husband receives his box, he loves it. However, the fulfillment is very poor. We've been subscribed for 4 months and 2 of those months, the box hasn't shipped. The 1st time, I emailed, got a prompt response and quickly rec'd the box. The 2nd time, I've gotten no response. We will be canceling this subscription.

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