Stress Less Box

Relaxing aromatherapy products and organic snacks to your front door!

$39.99+ / month

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4.6 of 5 stars
The name says it all...
by erin written last year
The stress cycle, you know you need to destress but you stress out trying to find ways to destress. StressLessBox simplies it, when it's time to relax, destress, self care, just grab your monthly box of natural bath/body items- all the 'tools' you need to support your body, mind, and spirit Stress Less!
Where's my box?
by DavidMacElvaine written last year
Account has been charged, but never received any emails, calls and it's been nine days and still no box. Have left emails, no replies. No phone numbers avail for me to call! This has been a "Stress MORE" box so far!
Great products
by Raechel written last year
I loved the products in the box. Unfortunately, my little gift "note" I asked to be included wasn't in there. No biggie.
by Alyssa written 2 years ago
I've gotten other subscription boxes in the past where I only used some of the products, but not all of them. My Stress LesS box isn't like that--I have been using every one of the products! It's a great variety, and the fact that it includes some yummy but healthy snacks as well is definitely a plus. I love rubbing some lavender from the Herbal Essentials Lavender Towlettes behind my ears and on my hands before I go to sleep to wind down. Really helps me relax! A cup of the chamomile Tea Pigs does the trick too!
by AAQIL written 2 years ago
Opening the box is like unwrapping multiple gifts! The products are all high quality and useful. I initially planned on getting one box as a gift to myself but after liking everything in the first box, I will be increasing the frequency of my orders! Great concept and well worth the money!
by Mai written 2 years ago
The stressless box is packed with healthy goodies and is a great way to start transitioning to a more health conscious lifestyle! I especially loved the aromatherapy items, which I've been using on a regular basis to keep me calm with exams approaching. I also love the packaging!
Great box!
by Peter written 2 years ago
Purchased a box for a friend during finals week. Order processing and shipping were lightning fast. The box arrived a few days after I placed the order. All of the items were great quality and packed well. Super easy to contact though their website or social media as well. I would definitely recommend this box for anybody who needs some help relaxing!
My philosophy is " I deserve the best "
by ShujaataliKhan written 2 years ago
I work hard as an anesthesiologist, this stress less box attracted me because l needed more than exercise and good nutrition to relax and treat my body when I am not working . Definitely this stress less box items are well put together to help anyone who needs to reward their body & mind. This could be very good for your love ones. I love it. Sam Khan
by Chris written 2 years ago
This box is great. It is my first time getting a subscription box, so I didn't know what to expect. It was easy, the products were high end quality and it really helped to keep me to be calm and relax throughout my fast and busy day. I would definitely recommend this box to my friends and family.
stressing less !!
by Akshay written 2 years ago
im too busy and stressed with work and personal life so i dont make enough time to decompress. i liked my first box because it had a nice guideline teaching exactly how to incorporate the items into my routine. it helps me create positive habits which makes me more motivated and productive. already excited about what the next box will have!!
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