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Wellness Delivered! Monthly Wellness Box full of products curated by holistic health professionals.

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Impressed and Blessed!

Feb 09, 2019
Diane F.
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Subscribed for 3 months

My box came today and this was truly the highlight of my day after I opened it and saw what was inside! I will use every item in that box. I also appreciate the newsletter and recipe card. This is a wonderful subscription and I'm glad I treated myself to it. I look forward to future boxes! XOXOXO

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Great box!

Jul 10, 2018
Carrie L.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Lots of good information and samples. I enjoyed what was included. Many things I had never seen or knew of.

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Heart Melting Health Box

Feb 12, 2019
Sarah A.
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Gifts are the number one way to my ❤️ ♥️ 💜 so you can bet I adored this gift box from The Strong On Health Box full of heart goodies like mushroom coffee, chakra teas, dried Cabernet grapes(one not pictured cause I devoured them the moment I opened them 🙈 the (now empty) bag of sprouted walnuts and extra goodies like heart shaped teaspoons and heart coaster!

So excited about this box!

May 01, 2018
Racquel R.
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I got to try out an advanced preview of the Strong On Health Box and it's awesome. There's SO much more in here than I expected...I love that each month's box has a theme to focus on a piece of my overall health. It's really nice to know that everything's already vetted for me so that I can just enjoy it, instead of trying to guess whether something is healthy or non-toxic. Really looking forward to my next box!

Awesome Subscription Box

Dec 06, 2019
Kerren L.
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I love how every month there is a different theme that is catered to everyone! Not only does it introduce you to new recipes and snacks that are actually healthy and easy, but all of the valuable education that goes into learning about your body, what it needs, and how to make it stronger!
For someone to take the time and effort to research a multitude of companies with great products to put together a monthly wellness box of goodies is certainly worth investing in!

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