Style File Mini Nail Files Comfortable Set of 3

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Style File Mini Nail Files Comfortable Quality Sanitary Less Waste Manicure Favors Gifts Made USA
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Style File Mini * Comfy * Sanitary * Made in USA *

Nail Care Tool. Providing comfortable, no clamping way of filing. Our mini nail files feature a innovative shape, size and design. Your mind & hand work in instinctive harmony to maneuver the style file as needed do to unique shape. No Clamping. Sanitary. Ergonomic Parties Travel Quality Made USA Polish Not Included 3 Mini Comfy Style Files

  • Sanitary * Less Waste * Ideal for Travel
  • Mini Comfortable Nail File
  • Innovative Comfortable & Compact Design
  • High Quality Made in USA
  • Wedding Showers * Baby Showers * Parties * Pamper Yourself

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Q: When is my subscription billed?Asked by John B., September 2020


Q: When is my subscription going to be shipped?Asked by John B., September 2020


Q: What is the last day that I can subscribe to get this month's box?Asked by John B., September 2020


Q: Are the items cruelty-free, paraben-free, organic, or vegan?Asked by John B., September 2020

Reviews (4)

Love these so Comfortable & Unique

Mar 25, 2020
Verified Purchase
Mary S.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 5 months

Why didn't I think of this idea. So comfortable and easy to use. You have to try them to see how nice they are. They flow with my fingers while filing, like they said no clamping while filing my nails. Cute, mini so they are easy to take on the go. Love the prints and my daughter loved the free bonus stickers. I will renew, this is a one and only product, I am glad I found these. Excellent value, nail filing problems solved

Truly wonderful product

Mar 25, 2020
Verified Purchase
Nancy B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

Wow, what a great product! I never liked filing my nails until now! It seems as though I don't get the "fingernail on the chalk board effect" with these mini files! Easy to grip and convenient to carry in your pocket! I really like the different design patterns, the different patterns make it easy to distinguish the different coarse grains. Truly a wonderful product. Should be given as a gift at Hotels and SPA's!! I'll be sure to re-order, thanks so much team Style File Mini


Apr 14, 2021
Verified Purchase
Jen P.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 22 days

Cute. And if it wasn't for the cost of shipping, I would continue my subscription. But $3 for something that can be sent with a single stamp for a total of $9 for 3 files is just not a price point I am comfortable with.
Update 5/3/21- owner reached out and has adjusted the shipping to a much more appropriate shipping cost so have edited my review according to her changes. I appreciate her contacting me to see how she could help fix the issue. Lovely to work with.

Expensive for what you get/shipping

Feb 14, 2020
Verified Purchase
Regina K.
2 Reviews
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Subscribed for 6 months

These are a great size to have everywhere - car, purse, desk, work. Shipping was very quick but very expensive for such a small package. Also not much ‘style’ to these files as two out of the three were a plain color. I won’t renew based on high price for not much.

Style File Mini Nail Files said...Feb 16, 2020

These Exclusive mini nail files are innovative, a dream & goal to share this original, custom design idea, & concept that has been very well received by those who buy them The Style File is about many features one Important is the ease of use, comfort, innovative shape, design, instinctive harmony of the hand & mind while filing, no clamping down on the nail file while filing, this helps those with hand pain & ailments, high quality papers, core being made in the USA. they are long lasting, washable, sanitary, ergonomic & less waste. They truly are about the function, comfort, shape, size & Quality. The fun bonus is the original art with a variety of prints & custom colors. I see in your photo...

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