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Expensive for what you get/shipping

Feb 14, 2020
Regina K.
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These are a great size to have everywhere - car, purse, desk, work. Shipping was very quick but very expensive for such a small package. Also not much ‘style’ to these files as two out of the three were a plain color. I won’t renew based on high price for not much.

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Style File Mini Nail Files said...Feb 16, 2020

These Exclusive mini nail files are innovative, a dream & goal to share this original, custom design idea, & concept that has been very well received by those who buy them The Style File is about many features one Important is the ease of use, comfort, innovative shape, design, instinctive harmony of the hand & mind while filing, no clamping down on the nail file while filing, this helps those with hand pain & ailments, high quality papers, core being made in the USA. they are long lasting, washable, sanitary, ergonomic & less waste. They truly are about the function, comfort, shape, size & Quality. The fun bonus is the original art with a variety of prints & custom colors. I see in your photo...

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