Two stunning succulents a month, shipped from our family-owned SoCal nursery to your door!

Plans as low as $10.00 / month

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Fast Delivery

Jul 24, 2019
Melissa A.
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I really love my little babies succulents!! When u order they come quick too! I didnt realize it would be that fast. I ordered, then went to the cabin for the weekend. When we got home they were sitting on the porch and the box was upside down. Both were pretty beating up and broken. Im pretty confident i can mend these babies back to life!! Wish me luck!!

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So far so good

Mar 05, 2019
Rachelle A.
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I got my first box and it was packaged well. One plant did come loose but I did replant it and it was fine. Soil was dry but plants were healthy. I liked the card that came with the plants that showed a picture and a description of each plant, so I can keep up with what each one is. Looking forward to next box.

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Fun box!

Feb 05, 2019
Ryan P.
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This is a fun super affordable box! I really enjoyed getting a new succulent in the mail. It arrived in perfect shape and is on display at home! Thanks!

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lovely succulents

Apr 25, 2019
Beverly K.
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Each succulent received is beautiful and unique. yet small I only gave 4 stars due to the small size of each succulent.

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50% Success Rate

Mar 01, 2019
Michelle B.
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I've had 3 shipments, and out of 6 total plants, 3 are surviving. I will keep it up a few more months to see if maybe future shipments will thrive better as the temperature outside improves. The succulents they've sent me are of varieties I otherwise don't have yet so I do like the plants I've been receiving.

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