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Sudz & Scrubz
Enjoy fun, handmade bath and shower products delivered to your door!

$34.99 / month

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4.7 of 5 stars
October box is awesome
by Shannon written Oct 24, 2018
Shower steamers that smell amazing AND have runes printed on them? A ouija board bar of soap, and Bewitched lotion that is super silky smooth? Yes please, all of these things. I love that this month's stuff has a spooky fun theme, I got a huge kick out of seeing them as soon as I opened the box, and the smells are to die for mwahahaha
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Awesome smells, quality products
by Shannon written Oct 16, 2018
Pretty happy with my first box. I love the scents of all of the products, the shower steamers last longer than others I've used, and the body butter is amazing- you barely have to use any and it lasts for a long time. The mud mask is great, too. The only thing that made me go uhhhhh is that the box is kinda expensive -have zero problem with the cost because it's quality stuff- and instead of 3 shower steamers to go with the body butter and mud mask, I'd have preferred 2 of them and a bar of soap or something along those lines. I just think it would have rounded out the offerings better, a full 'shower' experience. Psyched to see and smell this months...
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Love it!
by Amanda written Sep 28, 2018
I got the shower box and I loved everything! The shower steamers are really nice and they make my bathroom smell great! The body butter is amazing! And a mud mask is always great to have. I loved the box the products came in too! Everything was packed nicely. I would recommend this box! Thanks Sudz &Scrubz☺
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Awesome box!!
by Kimberly written Sep 27, 2018
Sudz & Scrubz is definitely one of my favorite monthly subscriptions! I look forward to each box monthly. The scents from this month's theme were good with the exception of one. I'm not an outdoorsy type person and so this box had 1-2 pieces that I did not care for but it
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Love my shower box’
by Kimberly written Aug 29, 2018
Sudz and Scrubz did an awesome job with my first box! Everything smelled amazing in the box and I can’t wait to try the shower steamers! I will definitely be considering keeping this subscription for my shower needs! The box was well packaged upon receipt but I had a large oil stain inside of my box, but I’m hoping this was an isolated incident and that my future boxes won’t spill out into the box like this one has. I would like to see a detailed product listing or a nice leaflet describing what is in each box.
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Love it!
by Julia written Feb 09, 2018
I absolutely love this box! The products are amazing from body wash to lotion and of course bath bombs. I love how they think about what they send you. One month I received body wash and hand soap plus bombs, the next I received lotion, sugar scrub and bath bombs. I love that they think about if you have used all of the stuff from the prior box before sending out the new box. I highly recommend this to everyone!
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by AmandaBowman written Nov 25, 2017
Great products. The scents are very nice and strong! Very nicely boxed :)
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Great Curation and High Quality Products
by Kristen written Jan 26, 2017
I subscribe to several boxes, so I was so pleasantly surprised when I found one that really stood out from the crowd of tiny samples of products that you aren't always thrilled about. I have a busy schedule and would find it hard to use up lots of bath products every month so it's so great that Sudz offers a shower box option. I haven't seen anything like it on the market. This month's unboxing experience was just heavenly. Before I even saw a product I smelled them! There was face mask, two tablets for dissolving in the bottom of your shower (that's where the smell came from), lotion, and this decadent product called shower whip that smells good enough to eat and lathers up nicely on a shower pouf. I was very impressed with the size and quantity of the products as well as their quality. Do yourself a favor and schedule a few minutes of "me" time and subscribe to this box.
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Lemon Drop Shower Steamers
by Kelly written Jun 06, 2016
These shower steamers have a light clean, yet sweet scent that almost reminded me of yellow Pez. It was very calming, and equally invigorating. A perfect blend of aromatherapy to start or end your day! I loved this scent so much that I finished my shower wishing it had been stronger. Lasts all the way through your shower, and for $5 for a pack of 2, you can't go wrong.
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Spa Quality Products @ Affordable Prices
by Kelly written May 14, 2016
You will love spoiling yourself with these products! The Green Tea Matcha Face Mask leaves your skin soft and supple while drawing toxins and dirt out of your pores. I have even used it on my legs after shaving and it completely eliminates that ashy dry skin feeling when nothing else will. It's magical. The Eucalyptus shower steamers are perfectly blended, releasing just the right amount of essential oil fragrance without being overpowering. They leave you feeling relaxed and stress free, and your sinuses cleared. They are just the right size to last you all the way through your shower and don't leave any gross residue on the floor of your tub. At these low prices, I get to feel like I'm at the spa without filing for bankruptcy! Love it!
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