Choose between 2 organic soap bars, 2 organic bath bombs, or a combination of both!

$16.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
by Brittany written last year
This is the greatest subscription box of all time! Because seriously, who has the time to make their own soap every single month? What an excellent product to look forward to receiving.
Great gift idea!
by Meagan written last year
I like that there is an option for a combo box subscription!
by IsabellaLynch written last year
Cute packaging and nice labels.
So many beautiful, amazing smelling choi
by Heidi written last year
I ordered the two bars of soap subscription for three months and I’m very pleased with my results! Thanks Sudzly!
Great product, professional service!
by Jennifer written last year
I ordered Sudzly products for my daughter as a gift, she loved it! I'm back a second time and ordered a three month supply of soap for my daughter and a three month supply of bath bombs, for my little granddaughter. I'm also ordering a one time gift for a bride-to-be, she loves handmade soaps. The quality is great, and I have no problems getting the product. They ship when they say they'll ship. The owner actually replies to an email and answers any and all questions you may have. I will continue to do business with this company. I love their service and their product.
by Amanda written last year
Really great soaps!
Wonderful products
by Jennifer written last year
I ordered a box for my daughter, she called and was delighted! By the way, they ship on time. You do not have to wait and wonder if you're going to get the package!
Better surprise
by Patricia written last year
I love going into a store with soaps and such, the smells are invigorating, but when my package arrived and opened it, it was a better surprise than I thought it could be. The aroma wafted from the wrapping and I had to use my imagination trying to figure out if I knew the fragrance,,,I knew I was going to be happy with it. Surprises are great...this is so worth the small price .....
by Mazzie written last year
The products they give every month do not disappoint! This subscription is completely worth it.
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