All-Natural, Organic, Essential Oils luxury soap bars, bath bombs and spa items from across the US

$16.00+ / month

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Soap and bomb
by Sarah written 2 days ago
I get so excited about getting this box every month!!
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Love my gift
by Sue written 4 days ago
I received my Mothers day gift of the Spa Box early and WOW. It had 2 soaps, 2 big bath bombs, a shower steamer, a bath tea, a sugar scrub and a lip scrub! All natural items and organic. I estimate the value was $5.50 per certified organic soap, $7 per organic bomb, $4 for the shower steam thing, $4 for the bath tea, plus $2 for the linen bag, $6.00 for the 6 sugar scrub cubes and another $3 for the organic lip scrub. Total Value I think is over $44.00 before tax and shipping, and that is amazing. I can't wait to see my remaining 2 months! P.S. I need to know if you offer a reminder for next Mother's Day? Love this.
Awesome Mothers day gift
by holly written 4 days ago
Sudzly is the perfect Mothers Day gift for my All Natural and Organic Product Mom. And for Real products made with natural ingredients and essential oils the price is great too.
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Sudzly Awesome!
by Kenn written 4 days ago
Amazing soap, very convenient, at great price!
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by Kristin written 12 days ago
Got my first box this week, and I love it!!!
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by Amber written last month
I just got my first box, and it smells amazing! The grapefruit lip balm if amazing!! My boyfriend loves the soap bar and enjoys that its a masculine smell that he can enjoy and needless to say, I was just soap jacked. Haha. And I'm so looking forward to taking a bath with this bath bomb! Order is ladies, it's worth it
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Love It
by Lauren written 3 months ago
This was a gift for my daughter, she loves it!
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by Brittany written 4 months ago
This is the greatest subscription box of all time! Because seriously, who has the time to make their own soap every single month? What an excellent product to look forward to receiving.
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Great gift idea!
by Meagan written 4 months ago
I like that there is an option for a combo box subscription!
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by IsabellaLynch written 4 months ago
Cute packaging and nice labels.
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