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Deluxe Spa Box  Natural, Vegan Luxury

Deluxe Spa Box Natural, Vegan Luxury

by Sudzly
All-Natural, Organic, Essential Oils luxury soap bars, bath bombs and spa items from across the US

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Mar 02, 2019
A R.
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I just received my second box, and can conclusively say that the products are not as advertised.
I purchased this box because they explicitly state that the products don't contain fragrance oil, which I avoid in body products.
Not only do the products contain large amounts of synthetic fragrance pungent enough to pervade multiple rooms in my house, the fragrance agents are mysteriously absent from the ingredients list (see image.)
I expected "all-natural" products that contained essential oils and no artificial dyes. Instead, I received ultra-smelly, synthetically dyed items. Does Sudzly expect me to believe that the neon blue color of this bath bomb is from "dried blueberry and plum"?! Unbelievable.
Avoid this box is you aren't interested in products chock full of artificial fragrance and color. I feel cheated, and couldn't cancel my subscription fast enough. Definitely a waste of $53 for a three month subscription.
FYI: Sudzly offers free soap in exchange for five star reviews, and they send reminders about this deal in each of the monthly boxes. Buyer beware!

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It wasn't what I expected

Jul 06, 2018
Janet K.
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First of all, the other boxes I have gotten come in nice boxes - not regular mailing boxes. I used one of the bathbombs and not only did I not like the scent, it left a pink ring aound my tub and my tub full of debris. I usually just spray the tub with cleaner and rinse the tub. It defeats the purpose of a relaxing bath when you have to get out, scrub the tub, remove as much of the debris as possible and hope what did go down the drain doesn't cause problems. It also didn't soften my skin. I have several bathbombs from other companies that smell wonderful, leave my skin feeling soft and silky, are cheaper and don't require extensive clean up after using.
I tried the lotion and that didn't smell all that good and did nothing to soften my skin.
Having said all of this, I am the only person who did not leave a 5 star review so maybe it's just me.

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Sudzly said...Jul 06, 2018

We have reached out to you via email, and want you to know we take our all-natural products, and our customer service very seriously. We are truly sorry you didn’t love our carefully curated, customer-tested, all-natural and organic box. Please contact us at at your earliest convenience so we can ensure you are 100% satisfied, naturally!