Sugarless Sensations

Sugarless Sensations is a monthly subscription box delivering delicious sugarless and low carb food

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$29.00+ $29.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • Subscription boxes are sent out around the 10th of every month. Orders placed after the 10th will be sent out the same month if additional boxes remain available.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Sugarless treats, snacks, drinks, and meal items.
Designed for the sugarless and low carb diet, we carefully hand-pick tasty treats, snacks, drink mixes, and other meal items to be included in a monthly themed box. Enjoy delicious, artisan food products with a low glycemic value and low carbohydrate content. It is time to enjoy food without the guilt and damaging effects of sugar!
  • Great for Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics, Low-Carb and Sugar-Free Diets
  • Chocolate, candy, snacks and unique artisan sugar free food items included
  • Snack sent in designer box with fun monthly themes - perfect for gifts too!
  • 6-9 full size delicious and sugarless treats, snacks, and meal items delivered monthly
Subscriber Reviews
4.2 of 5 stars
Less than what I expected
by Laura written 4 months ago
I thought there would be more variety of snacks not gum and cough drops. I don't consider those as snacks.
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Less than what I expected
by Laura written 4 months ago
Thought there would be more snacks. Cough drops and gum aren't snacks to me.
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Sweet Alternatives
by Kay written last year
I am genetically predisposed to becoming a diabetic and am trying to forego most sugared confections. I shared my holiday gift box from Sugarless Sensations with family and friends. I was glad the recipe for the hot chocolate suggested adding sugarless chocolate candy bars to the mix and I added a chunk of one of the candy bars as well as some of the sugarless caramel dip from the box to my hot chocolate. What a great idea! As an hors d'oeuvre for a party with friends I made the recipe from the box, utilizing the low carb melba toast and sugarless bottled cranberry sauce. The almonds were also delicious. I have never seen these products on store shelves but the value appears excellent for the cost of a box of these goodies. I am glad that the company Sugarless Sensations exists. I look forward to being able to continue to indulge my sweet tooth without compromising my health.
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