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Same, same - Never delivered, no respons
by Judith written 26 days ago
Buyer Beware!! I ordered the jerky of the month as a gift subscription and, while the initial Christmas delivery was made (which included 2 good bags and 1 moldy bag of jerky), there was no January delivery and thus far there has been no February delivery. And, like other reviews, they are not responding to my attempts to contact them through Cratejoy or directly.
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Never delivered, no response from seller
by Ben written 2 months ago
I ordered the 6 bag package from these guys back in November... it is currently January 14th and it has never been delivered, nor will they respond to any email I send.
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by Angela written 2 months ago
My husband and son absolutely loved the jerky and the idea of monthly subscription. Thanks again ;)
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by Julia written 4 months ago
Liked it, but the flavors were not to my fiance's taste preferences. He is picky though. The support team was fantastic in responding to requests.
Excellent variety
by Sean written 5 months ago
Through this service, I've discovered some truly delicious Jerky, great stuff!
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by Jason written 5 months ago
Nice variety of jerky, I never got the same thing twice and discovered some really great brands.
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Awesome Jerky!
by ErynnBrannon written 6 months ago
I was referred to this company by a friend and have been using it monthly for some time. If you love jerky it's an awesome program with great customer service. They will work with you on flavors that you like and respond quickly!
Best jerky ever!!
by JoAnn written 6 months ago
I got this as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas... Wow was he excited to get a package every month! Each jerky was delicious and there were such varieties that you never really got the same flavors. I really like that they are local so it's a great opportunity to try random jerkies you would never find on your own. I am not a big jerky fan but I found myself eating some each time.
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Love it!
by Danielle written 7 months ago
I absolutely loved Sumo Jerky! All the varieties were excellent and right with our wishes and requests. The amount of variety was tremendous. They clearly put a good deal of time and care into each package. Thank you!
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Excellent and delicious service.
by Shane written 7 months ago
Every bag of jerky I received was either destroyed quickly by myself or friends. Excellent product.
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