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Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Anthony written last year
After placing my order, I was contacted by the owner directly to ask if I had any dietary or spicy preferences. From this point on I knew the service (and product) were going to be great, and I was not wrong! I got my bags in a timely fashion, The taste was very, very good, and I'm definitely going to continue to use this service!
by Erin written last year
I love the personal responses from the owner, and the jerky we received for our first month was the BEST jerky we've ever (and I do mean EVER) had. I couldn't be happier to have stumbled upon SumoJerky!
by jennifer written last year
Great company! The owner really cares about their customers and customer service is spot on.
Awesome Service
by Ryan written last year
After placing my order for two bags, I was contacted by the owner directly to ask if I had any dietary or spicy preferences. That alone made me believe this service was going to be great. I got my bags in a timely fashion and they were a good size. The taste was even better. I'm definitely going to use this service again in the future.
by Katrina written last year
I got my first order today. The bags are bigger than I thought they would be and delicious! I'm so excited for next month's delivery!
by April written last year
This is probably one of the better ideas for monthly subscription boxes I've seen. Considering the price for a normal bag of jerky at the store, the price isn't all that bad either. Ryan also has to be one of the best owners! He's definitely one of the more involved owners regarding customers of all of the subscription boxes I've ordered. He truly cares about his customers and their experience and responds to every email. I would definitely recommend SumoJerky to all jerky lovers!
Best jerky I've ever had
by Daniel written last year
I love the idea of this service and it pays off. Ryan is very helpful and he cares about his product. You can't go wrong with SumoJerky.
by Sawyer written last year
I got a trial and one month before I had to stop but I got some of the best jerky I have ever had! I am looking forward too starting again!
Excellent Jerky from a great small bus!
by Nathan written last year
Excellent, healthy jerky with really great customer service. I have been really happy with everything about this subscription.
Great jerky, great service
by Jason written last year
If you're like me and are paralyzed by choice and enjoy a surprise, this is the service for you. (I'm assuming you like jerky. If not, why are you reading this review?) The flavors have been pretty unique and aren't anything I could find locally. I'm not sure what's better about this service, the jerky or the customer service (and the jerky is really good). I was surprised when I was asked about my preferences when I signed up for the free bag. I wasn't expecting a human touch, let alone a personal one. I recommend the 2 bag plan. One bag just isn't enough!