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4.9 of 5 stars
by Eric written last year
I've really enjoyed SumoJerky over the past year. There's a great diversity of product month-to-month, and I have yet to be disappointed by what I receive. I also like getting the email before each order that tells me a little bit about the maker.
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by Travis written last year
Great Jerky, I decided one day I was tired of the store bought jerky and my girlfriend told me about sumojerky once I got my first three bags I was hooked. Every month at the 25th I would know my jerky was waiting at the mail box.
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by Heidi written last year
Great jerky, with wonderful and unique flavors. Definitely worth trying.
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Pure Deliciousness
by Justin written last year
I never knew that there was such a diverse set of flavours and textures that jerky could have. I am very pleased with the products that SumoJerky has provided me.
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Best Jerky Ever
by Eric written last year
If you love high quality jerky, this company is right up your alley. CEO Ryan knows that delicious jerky is serious business and he will hook you up with awesome customer service and jerky samples.
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Excellent Jerky and Customer Service!
by katherine written last year
Customer service for Sumo Jerky is above and beyond! Ryan really goes out of his way to please. :) The jerky shipped fast and it was SO tasty!! I highly recommend this company!
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Great Job!!
by joey written last year
I purchased a Sumojerky subscription for my brother at Christmas. He thought it was great. Not your usual $6.99 mass produced convenient store jerky. Ryan has stayed in touch to make sure he gets unusual flavor combinations by jerkies that we can't find here in FL. Great job!!
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great jerky, great service
by Alicia written last year
After shopping around and comparing prices for jerky clubs I found sumo jerky to be one of the best values. We received our first shipment promptly and enjoyed each kind! The customer service we've recieved is amazing!
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by Jasmine written last year
I love This Jerkey subscription so much! They're very accommodating to your food restrictions which no other Jerkey subscription has followed through with for me! It all tastes great I absolutely love them all! I can't wait for my next order and Ryan has been great as well!
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by Logan written last year
I got one of the best bags of jerky I've had in my life when I received my jerky from sumo jerky. If you haven't tried Siracha jerky your missing out it is amazing.
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