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4.9 of 5 stars
simply awesome
by dimi written last year
i got a 6-month sumo jerky package for my birthday - discovered some awesome new jerky and totally loved it, which is why i just ordered it as a gift for a friend of mine. very individual, uncomplicated and impressive service with fast & smooth international shipping (to switzerland). great company - if you love jerky, you definitely won't be disappointed!
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Tasty Jerky from an amazing company
by Mystique written last year
We have been so happy with our decision to gift beef jerky to friends and family this year. My brother in law is loving his monthly jerky. Customer service goes above and beyond as well.
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You won't be disappointed!
by Wendy written last year
I got some of the BEST jerky from this company! It was sweet sriracha - I really appreciate the "surprise" nature of the sends. It's like the holidays all year long, and especially great if you enjoy trying new things! Best of all, it's delicious cheap thrills for around $8/mo. Treat yourself!
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Simple, impressive service
by Bob written last year
Subscribing to SumoJerky was as simple as could be. Within a few hours of signing up, Ryan sent a welcome email and asked for jerky preferences. Ryan has continued to stay in contact and verify that we are enjoying the service. The jerky has been delivered on time and has been high quality and delicious. I highly recommend subscribing to SumoJerky!
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Great jerky and great customer service
by Nick written last year
Title says it all, really high quality, tasty jerky, and amazing customer service, Ryan emailed me personally asking for allergies and taste preferences.
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by Mykal written last year
Lowest price best value jerky club I could find! My husband loves it, it was the perfect birthday gift. And the personalized customer service is amazing!
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Fabulous Gift and Business
by Sonya written last year
I purchased Sumojerky as a gift, and my brother loves it! The best part about Sumojerky is Ryan and his customer service! He took the time to email me and ask about my brothers likes and dislikes, allergies, and preferences. He was very quick in response to questions, and he is very kind. After my brother got his first box, Ryan emailed me to see how it went. What a great business to deal with! The jerky is great, it is a reasonable price, and you deal with great people! Highly recommended!
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by Shane written last year
Got this subscription as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and we both couldn't be happier. As jerky lovers, we end up spending an absurd amount on average jerky. With Sumo, we get quality jerky for a low price, that we wouldn't be able to find in local stores. It's amazing. So far, the jerky has been delicious and Ryan keeps in touch to make sure we are happy with our selection, and he asks if we'd like anything specific in terms on flavor for our next batch. SO happy I bought my boyfriend this subscription because I get to taste it all too! :)
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The Best...
by Tom written last year
Ryan is the man, and will get you EXACTLY what you are looking for. Great gift or personal treat... Treat yourself.
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by Patricia written last year
Ryan is extremely helpful and the customer service is perfect. Not only does he take the time to personally find out my likes and dislikes, but he follows up to make sure I'm happy. The jerky I have tried so far has been exactly what I like. The jerky was great quality and unique, in a good way. Couldn't be more pleased.
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