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Perfect Gift, Delicious Jerky!
by Tiffany written last year
My husband loves beef jerky & so I wanted to enroll him in a Jerky of the Month subscription for Christmas. I looked at several places online, but all of the other ones so expensive & I couldn’t tell if the brands were really good quality. I found SumoJerky & I was able to get my husband the “perfect gift” for Christmas & not break the bank in the process. Ryan, the CEO of the company, answered all of my questions quickly & has followed up with me since to make sure my husband is happy with the subscription. Talk about great customer service! My husband loves the jerky he has gotten & checks the mailbox daily to see when his next bag will arrive! He can't wait to see what arrives next. We will be back next year to re-enroll again!
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Perfect Low Carb Snack!
by Christopher written last year
We love getting our jerky every month! Ryan takes great care of us and makes sure we have enjoyed the selection we've received. This makes it so easy to have healthy, low carb snacks on hand.
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Great Gift Option
by Janie written last year
I signed up for this to be a gift for my wife after being told about this company by a friend. Product is in good condition when shipped and SumoJerky keeps great communication with making sure the right flavors are being sent.
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Awesome Gift!
by Jaime written last year
I purchased the subscription for my dad and he was so excited on Christmas when he opened it, he was even more excited to hear that he was going to be receiving it monthly! I had to request a different address for the first shipment and Ryan was awesome about it, even shipped it early to make sure I had it on time! He asked me about what my dad would like or not like in his first box and then followed up after to see if he could change anything for the next shipment. This was an awesome option for my dad and something different that he wasn't expecting at all! Will definitely find other people to give this to in the future. Thank you!
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Unmatched service, and good jerky
by James written last year
I ordered a bag from my brother at Christmas time and sent a note into a typical "contact us" form, requesting they try to deliver it as close to Christmas Day was possible. To my surprise, the CEO wrote a personal note back to me which has led to multiple back and forth emails satisfying my questions and seeking to please at every turn. The jerky has been great too!
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Hit The Spot
by Jessica written last year
We took the bag of jerky backpacking this past weekend l, it served as a snack midhike. And it was delicious, definitely hit the spot. Yes, I know while backpacking anything tastes good because you're super hungry....this was above and beyond that. It was a siracha teriyaki flavor that was just so tasty! Also, Ryan has been on top of the customer support! I really appreciate the personal level of customer service!
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A dream
by Coby written last year
Jerky has a cult following, so why shouldn't it have a monthly subscription service. Ryan Luedecke is a business mastermind. He takes personal care of you. Which is the second coolest part. Trying new jerky each month, IN THE MAIL, is the first coolest part.
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We love Sumo Jerky!
by Sarah written last year
This was one of the biggest hits at Christmas! A subscription makes for a perfect gift. Ryan took the time to find out what my husband's jerky preferences were and Ryan's follow- through with product satisfaction is second to none. Awesome company and awesome product.
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by Robert written last year
Coolest idea on the market! Ryan is extremely personal and caring about each customers orders. Very excited for the next go around! I also like how you're not "locked" into a subscription. I'm confident Sumojerky will make it's way to the top :)
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by Tiara written last year
I purchased Sumojerky as a gift for my boyfriend who was about to leave for bootcamp! I was very nervous about the box not arriving in time for my boyfriend's ship date, but Ryan made sure that it was sent just in time before he left! It was perfect! The flavors were perfect for him and he absolutely loved it! I can most definitely see myself having SumoJerky sent to him when he gets stationed somewhere after bootcamp! Thanks so much!!
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