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4.9 of 5 stars
by Liam written 3 years ago
Great service, great food. At first I was a bit weary, not knowing what I was gonna get. But as soon as I took the first bite, I realized this was the best beef jerky I have ever tasted hands down. This subscription is going to stay for a long time...
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by suzanne written 3 years ago
Ryan (the owner) wants to make sure you get the perfect jerky for you. If you don't like spicy he will not it so you don't get any spicy. I love jerky and spend sometimes as much as $300 a month on it. This allows me to try different kinds of jerky I wouldn't know about.
by joshua written 3 years ago
Ok the first bag i was sent never made it to me but before i even knew ryan sent me a email asking how it went when i tolled him i never received it he sent out another and when i got it it was really good just the way i like it spicy and full of flavor and shipping was very fast too
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What a wonderful service!
by Andrew written 3 years ago
I signed up simply out of curiosity, and I was sick of the same boring selection of jerky at my local convenience stores. Boy am I glad that I signed up! Ryan with SumoJerky is extremely helpful, and he picked out a great selection for my first month. He's also responded very quickly to my emails, and this is a huge plus for the company. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the subscription and I plan on continuing it going forward. It really wasn't my intention on keeping the subscription when I initially signed up, but I've quickly changed my mind on this due to the awesome service and quality of the jerky. If you haven't signed up already...what are you waiting for?
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by carla written 3 years ago
The jerky was yummy, and the customer service alone was worth the service. This jerky is above and beyond anything that you can get at the store, and it makes the gas station jerky wonder why it exists. If you have a jerky lover in your family, show them you love them with some dried beef goodness. Sumo Jerky is where it is at!
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Great service
by David written 3 years ago
Great communication and customer service. Tasty jerky to boot!
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Love it!
by Kate written 3 years ago
So fun to get a different kind each month. And they've all been delicious!
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Phenomenal ♡
by Melissa written 3 years ago
I just received my free bag of jerky from SumoJerky and can't even begin to put into words how delicious it is. All I could say to Ryan about the jerky was, "I'm in love." And that I very much am. Ryan is on top of things on his end, also. He replied quickly to any emails I sent him with questions I had. I couldn't be happier with the product or the service I received from the company.
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SumoJerky Is a Heavyweight Champ
by tim written 3 years ago
This is a great service, and never fails to please. Each month I get tasty jerky from a new jerky maker, so I get to try new and different kinds of jerky and keep my snacking healthy. And the info provided about the jerky makers is excellent; it allows me to buy more products from those that I really enjoy: a win-win-win for SJ, the jerky makers, and me.
Great experience
by Yuji written 3 years ago
I've been a member for over a year and my girlfriend and I really enjoyed the variety and different types that were tried. I think there was one month that was a weird provider, but the other months made up for that. Each has its own unique taste, texture, and style. Definitely recommended!
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