Craft jerky delivered right to your mailbox.

$14.95+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
Tasty Jerky
by erin written 3 years ago
I love this subscription. Beef Jerky delivered right to your door every month! This is the perfect gift for any man or jerky lover. I got a teriyaki flavor in my first month's box that was amazing. So glad that I decided to try this. I highly recommend this to my friends and family and to anyone else.
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Upped it to three bags
by tom written 3 years ago
I upped it to three bags and it's still not enough :) The quality has been great and the customer service even better. Next month can't come fast enough
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Chili Limon is AWESOME
by Robert written 3 years ago
I received my jerky in the mail. I opened the pack and it was fresh, tender and so flavorful. I had to put the jerky in another room so I wouldn't eat it all at once. #VerySatisfied
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Soooooooooooo good
by ryan written 3 years ago
I've never had good jerky until I got sumojerky. I literally ate the whole thing in about 20 minutes because I couldn't put the stuff down.
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Great service
by Max written 3 years ago
Good jerky Great customer service Good spead of delivery
Amazing Jerky
by Philip written 3 years ago
Got my first bag last week... Best jerky I've ever had!!
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no more gas station jerky for me
by Perone written 3 years ago
sumo's got great jerky and great customer service cant wait for my next pack
by Justin written 3 years ago
I'm not even a fan of spicy food, and usually hate spicy jerky....that is until I tried Sumojerky's spicy teriyaki. That was absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait for my second order!!!!!
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Great Jerkey
by Lonnie written 3 years ago
Ryan really makes sure you're satisfied with the jerky you receive. Most people are familiar only with the beef jerky they sell at the market, and this is a great way to try out the diverse landscape of jerkys across the country!
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Quick Delivery, Great Jerky
by Jason written 3 years ago
I'm only one month in, but I'm hooked... great variety of jerky, delivered in remarkable time (with JUST ENOUGH packaging to ensure a solid delivery). I'm already considering this as a main gift option for friends.
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