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4.9 of 5 stars
Great Jerkey
by Lonnie written 2 years ago
Ryan really makes sure you're satisfied with the jerky you receive. Most people are familiar only with the beef jerky they sell at the market, and this is a great way to try out the diverse landscape of jerkys across the country!
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Quick Delivery, Great Jerky
by Jason written 2 years ago
I'm only one month in, but I'm hooked... great variety of jerky, delivered in remarkable time (with JUST ENOUGH packaging to ensure a solid delivery). I'm already considering this as a main gift option for friends.
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A taste for everyone!
by Cody written 2 years ago
Although I was not a huge fan of the latest batch, it was only because of texture and not flavor. I loved the taste. And some of my friends liked it overall too. its all personal taste. I cant wait to see what comes in the next order!!!!
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Jerky service with a heart of gold
by James written 2 years ago
As other reviews have mentioned Sumojerky sends out great small batch jerky. Sumojerky has filled my desire to taste awesome jerky. The owner of the service listens and replies in a manner to make you feel like you are a really good friend.
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great for hypo-glycemics!
by Sharon written 2 years ago
my daughter and I are both hypo-glycemic and need to keep our calories up, she is a busy senior college student and has limited time to eat, so keeping a bag of SumoJerky in her book bag is a good way for her to keep her blood sugar levels up, so we were so pleased to find a high protein/high quality item that is delivered to our door!
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Soooo Tasty
by Ryan written 2 years ago
So I just had my first bag of SumoJerky and it was great. I ended up doubling my next order as I ate through the bag so quickly. Ryan was super helpful in getting a bag that matched my taste preferences (spicy!) and I am eagerly anticipating my next shipment.
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Personalized. Artisan. Unique.
by Aaron written 2 years ago
Great personalized customer service tending to your specific taste and interests in jerky. There are very few services that actually listen to your wants. Very small batch places that are clearly from small artisan jerky crafters. This would be very difficult to find on your own but Sumo does it all for you. All of the flavors and brands are extremely unique and unlike others you would find at a grocery store or even online. Sumo takes the work out of finding amazing, epic and tasty jerky for your mouth.
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An Office fav
by annalisa written 2 years ago
Here at my office we already get a monthly snack delivery and so I was unsure about adding another, but what the CEO wants he gets. After the delivery I put them out for the employees to enjoy and it barely lasted through the day.....meanwhile the other snacks were left untouched. This jerky is definitely an office fav!
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by Tammy written 2 years ago
Outstanding customer service. I love that you get personal emails and not just bulk, computer generated ones. The jerky was great as well! I asked for hot and they delivered!
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Power to the meat lover!
by Jacob written 2 years ago
Coming from a farm in Western Kansas and living in a city it's super tough to find quality beef jerky. Thanks goodness for Ryan and the SumoJerky team. They are rockin' my socks off and burning my tongue oh so good. Keep up with the amazing jerky!
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