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Craft jerky delivered right to your mailbox.

$14.95+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
Awesome Jerky!
by ErynnBrannon written Sep 20, 2017
I was referred to this company by a friend and have been using it monthly for some time. If you love jerky it's an awesome program with great customer service. They will work with you on flavors that you like and respond quickly!
Best jerky ever!!
by JoAnn written Sep 14, 2017
I got this as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas... Wow was he excited to get a package every month! Each jerky was delicious and there were such varieties that you never really got the same flavors. I really like that they are local so it's a great opportunity to try random jerkies you would never find on your own. I am not a big jerky fan but I found myself eating some each time.
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Love it!
by Danielle written Aug 18, 2017
I absolutely loved Sumo Jerky! All the varieties were excellent and right with our wishes and requests. The amount of variety was tremendous. They clearly put a good deal of time and care into each package. Thank you!
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Excellent and delicious service.
by Shane written Aug 04, 2017
Every bag of jerky I received was either destroyed quickly by myself or friends. Excellent product.
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by Elizabeth written Jul 30, 2017
We have been getting sumojerky for over a year! We always love getting our mail to see what kinds we got!!!
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Good Way To Sample Jerky
by Roger written Jul 20, 2017
Awesome way to cheaply sample a large amount of high-quality jerky!
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by Derek written Jul 06, 2017
Great jerky! Large and tasty selection. I highly recommend SumoJerky!
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Waste of money
by Liz written May 19, 2017
I will be posting on every possible site to warn people not to waste their money. You do not get a box as pictured it is a tiny bag in the mail. In it are 3 more tiny bags with 3 tiny pieces of jerky each. After waiting 3 weeks for my first order I contacted the seller who assured me they would be sending it right out with an extra bag for the delay. Wonderful! .... if that actually had happened. It took another 2 weeks for these lazy idiots to put it in the mail with you guessed it no extra bag... how nice. Subscription box sales are not for everyone especially these forgetful morons. Definitely skip, get twice the jerky at your local farmers market- way cheaper and faster. Sorry to those who like the subscription for I will be petitioning it for removal until I get a full refund.
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by Tyler written May 02, 2017
It is always exciting receiving new jerky each month. The variety is fantastic. I would highly recommend SumoJerky to anyone looking to try new jerky or just get great snacks every month.
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by Brandon written Apr 27, 2017
Great customer service and always amazing Jerky. Would definitely recommend!
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