Craft beef jerky delivered to your mailbox.

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4.9 of 5 stars
Delicious Jerky? Convenient?
by Josh written 2 years ago
Artisan beef jerky delivered monthly?! Yes. It's amazing. Ryan is a damn cool dude and he curates some pretty kick-ass jerky. Seriously try it out.
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Great jerky
by Phillip written 2 years ago
I received a bag of spicy jerky and it was great - noticeable heat but nothing deadly! Definitely felt like more than the 2 oz. it said was in the bag and taste was perfect. Ryan is also a great guy and very personable. Give it a shot!
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by ameb written 2 years ago
I ordered one of these with their first month discount on the 26th to try it out. When it came in today (9/30) I received the Dried and True original package. The strips were small, thick and so juicy! I was very pleased. So pleased I finished it myself within a 1/2 hour. The bag was sealed perfectly as well. It came first class in a polymailer bag so no air or water got into the packaging. Ryan also emailed me before sending out my package to ask if there were any allergies he should be aware of. The personalization and fast responses from their customer service also increased their star rating. Jerky: 5 stars Customer service: 5 stars Shipping: 5 stars Packaging: 5 stars Total: 20 stars! But cratejoy only allows me to write choose 5 ;) LOL
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by Peter written 2 years ago
The prices are good deals for the quality of jerky, which is delicious. The customer service is excellent; very responsive, with no nickel-and-diming. Nice variety of suppliers and styles.
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