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4.9 of 5 stars
Awesome Jerky- Customer service is great
by Robbie written 3 years ago
The flavor I had was lime + it had a nice spicy kick to it which I really enjoyed. It's also very important to say that customer service was really amazing and response times are great. Ryan answered all my questions and went out of his way to help me decide if SumoJerky was right for me. Would definitely recommend for anyone who loves jerky.
Great Jerky!
by Jeff written 3 years ago
I was extremely impressed by the jerky I received! I make my own jerky in a smoker pretty often, and rarely ever buy any due to most packaged jerky not being very flavorful, tough, and dry. This stuff was awesome! The flavor was fantastic (I got the Chile Limon from Dried and True), the meat was moist, and it was the perfect consistency. I was blown away. I planned to open it for a taste and save it for a late night snack, but it didn't last nearly that long. I strongly recommend this jerky!
by Laura written 3 years ago
Great job on the jerky, and it was a fast delivery and awesome jerky in itself!
Yummy Jerky & Great Communication
by Tracey written 3 years ago
I just received my first order and it was awesome. The jerky was great and I almost ate it all the same day I got it. The CEO himself also emailed to make sure I received everything and communicated with me throughout the process. I highly recommend this as a gift or for yourself! So YUMMY!!!
Awesome Jerky and Customer Service!
by Amber written 3 years ago
I would highly recommend to any jerky lover! Let's face it, good jerky can be difficult to find. I was pleasantly surprised with my first bag. The flavors were great and it tasted incredibly fresh. I am so excited to continue receiving new and exciting jerky every month!
by Phil written 3 years ago
I've only received my first month of jerky but so far everything has been awesome. Ryan has been incredibly communicative, even checking in to make sure I got the jerky. And the jerky has been top notch; I got two bags of Dried and True and have barely been able to put them down. I'm excited to see what tasty treats await me next month.
Amazing Customer Service
by Dallas written 3 years ago
Wow is what I can say! Amazing product along with amazing service. Highly recommend using Ryan for your jerky needs
Fantastic Jerky!
by Michael written 3 years ago
Ryan has done an amazing job researching the best jerky in the country! highly recommended for jerky lovers
Jerky At Your Doorstep
by Matt written 3 years ago
Service is key here, you can talk to a rep about preferences and give feedback that will be considered for your next round.
Jerky Lovers Rejoice
by David written 3 years ago
Curated jerky delivered to your door at a reasonable price — so far I have 0 complaints. Ryan has been super friendly/helpful with my experience as well. No reason not to try!
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