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Craft jerky delivered right to your mailbox.

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4.9 of 5 stars
Great jerky!
by Jason written Nov 02, 2015
Glad to have made the commitment finally. SumoJerky delivers great jerky and I have been pleased with everything I've been able to sample. Thanks CEO!
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Excellent jerky
by Matthew written Oct 31, 2015
Just got my first shipment. Got a great spicy jerky that I really enjoyed. Very reasonable price considering the cost of other jerkies these days. Will definitely continue with the monthly orders.
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by Thomas written Oct 29, 2015
Received my first batch of jerky. You can really taste the higher quality. Definitely worth signing up for. Especially since how expensive bodega jerky costs nowadays
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Best jerky- and service- I've ever had!
by Samantha written Oct 29, 2015
Oh man, I don't even know where to start on this one. Honestly, I'm a jerky fanatic, so I was just waiting to start the service until I felt more comfortable. The CEO himself emailed me and let me know what SumoJerky was all about, and asked what I liked and gave me some options. This amazing customer service (unheard of, really!) convinced me to go ahead and get my first bag. He picked a type of jerky based on my taste preferences, and emailed me to see how I liked it! I got Dried and True's Original jerky, and goodness... it was gone within the hour. It was AMAZING. Ryan continued to email me to check how I liked it to adjust my preferences as needed. I'm hooked on the service and the jerky- so I VERY highly recommend at least trying it!
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Awesome Jerky and Client Service
by Albert written Oct 28, 2015
Great company with a fantastic product and equally as good of service. This checks all the boxes for me and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for more meat in their life that does not taste like rubber or break your teeth. CEO reached out directly to make sure we had a great experience which is the sign of a great organization!
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by Casey written Oct 28, 2015
SUMOJerky is the best! Great Jerky!! Received my trial bag o jerky (FREE)- savory, semi-spicy. Can't wait for the next batch!
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A Must Try
by Timothy written Oct 28, 2015
Chances are you wouldn't be reading this review unless you loved jerky as much as I do. Well, look no further. Sumo Jerky is your most reliable source of delicious, craft jerky sent right to your door. And the best part is their team of dedicated jerky heads are incredibly easy to work with. They will work with you to make sure you're receiving a product you enjoy.
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Good personal service and jerky is great
by Vesa written Oct 28, 2015
Ryan responded my queries fast and accommodates your wishes well, pleasure to do jerky business with him. SumoJerky has made my wife to be a fan of jerky too, as what you get is so much better compared to what you get normally. SumoJerky also ships to abroad, like to Finland! Love it.
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Awesome Jerky- Customer service is great
by Robbie written Oct 28, 2015
The flavor I had was lime + it had a nice spicy kick to it which I really enjoyed. It's also very important to say that customer service was really amazing and response times are great. Ryan answered all my questions and went out of his way to help me decide if SumoJerky was right for me. Would definitely recommend for anyone who loves jerky.
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Great Jerky!
by Jeff written Oct 28, 2015
I was extremely impressed by the jerky I received! I make my own jerky in a smoker pretty often, and rarely ever buy any due to most packaged jerky not being very flavorful, tough, and dry. This stuff was awesome! The flavor was fantastic (I got the Chile Limon from Dried and True), the meat was moist, and it was the perfect consistency. I was blown away. I planned to open it for a taste and save it for a late night snack, but it didn't last nearly that long. I strongly recommend this jerky!
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