Craft jerky delivered right to your mailbox.

$14.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Fantastic product
by ChrisShroba written last year
I've been using Sumo Jerky for over a year now, and I've never been disappointed. It's always so exciting to forget about it and then find two bags of jerky in my mailbox!
by Richard written last year
great products, great variety, love the taste and the best customer service
Out of this world customer service
by Michael written last year
Nikki and Ryan are great and always happy to help with silly requests. The beef jerky is always flavorful and varied.
by brianna written last year
I bought a 2-month subscription for my boyfriend for the holidays. He loved it! The jerky was great quality and he liked that he could customize how spicy he wanted it to be. The company has great customer service, only complaint is it is a little pricey but I understand - jerky is expensive and they do have to ship it as well. Will probably re subscribe next holiday season.
by Jarian written last year
It is amazing! The variety of flavors that you get and how they taste is simply amazing.
Fun and yummy!
by Holly written 2 years ago
Ryan and SumoJerky's service is awesome. I loved getting it in the mail each month and sharing the deliciousness with my coworkers. I like how I can request certain types of jerky. Ryan's emails are clever and fun to read. I like how he highlights the small business owners the jerky comes from.
Excellent subscription service
by Spencer written 2 years ago
If you`re a big fan of jerky this is the subscription for you. Each month they send you unique flavours of jerky from all different places. They will also allow you to state your preferences of spiciness so you won`t get something you don`t like.
Best subscription ever
by Dustin written 2 years ago
If you like jerky and trying new things this has been my favorite subscription service yet
Great concept!
by Mikhail written 2 years ago
It is really nice to get a random post package full of jerky surprise! And the selection is good. Can recommend for all jerky fans!
Awesome service
by Scott written 2 years ago
Jerky sent is accurately based on recommendations, always varies, and arrives in a timely manner. A very cool and unique service!
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