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4.9 of 5 stars
Owner is a jerk. Product is flavorless.
by jerimiah written last year
Had a few good emails between the owner and myself. He initiated by asking what flavors I prefer. Shipment one was good, but I told him the quantity seemed low relative to the price. He thanked me for the comments and assured me I'd like the next shipment. Well shipment two came and it was horrible. The BBQ and Teriyaki of the same brand simply tasted like smoke flavor and was very dry and crumbly. The hot garlic was just simply hot. I emailed Ryan, the CEO, and told him to please discontinue my subscription as the product I just got wasn't up to par and I didn't see the value. His one liner reply: "Will cancel it but fuck your attitude dude. Get a life." Do you want to do business with this guy? Not to mention if you search his name, his personal website reads like a get rich quick scheme and he brags on the Internet about how Sumo Jerky brings in $10k per month... Whatever man. You tell me to get a life yet get bent out of shape when I tell you your service is overpriced and the product sucks...makes sense.
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Amazing service and delicious product!
by Carey written last year
With in MINS of ordering my jerky I received a very kind welcome from, Ryan. He was checking to see what jerky my husband would love for his fathers day gift. We received our product quickly, our jerky's were delicious and fresh! The service alone would keep us a a life time subscriber! LOVE THIS! Thanks, Ryan!
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Excellent everything!
by Serena written last year
The customer service is almost better than the jerky (and every delivery has tasted amazing so that is saying a lot). 5 stars across the board.
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Great service, excellent variety
by Wayne written last year
Super responsive owner, the random jerky selections have something for everyone. Have recommended it to friends and family, if you love jerky and don't want to make your own, this is a great way to try new things.
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Great Jerky, Good people
by Ian written last year
The customer service is great, and the owner is very nice through e-mail. I enjoyed the jerky I received so far, and would recommend this service to anyone who enjoys trying new jerky from around the country. A unique taste is shipped to you every month, and is a great way to discover small time brands you may not have heard of.
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So happy!
by Alia written last year
First impressions: Great. Amazing. I got an email same day from Ryan and he asked me what my flavor preferences were. I told him what I liked and he was super cool and sent me amazing jerky! Great customer service :) Overall: Do it. I know you might think $20 is a little spendy, but you pay $7 for a jacks links and you are buying plastic garbage that all has that weird taste. Horrible. Anyhow, I loved the jerky it is so delicious. Can't wait for my next shipment!
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Great Customer Service
by paul written last year
Ryan was amazingly helpful/responsive in taking the time to ask what kind of jerky you would like and just in general with setting up the subscription. I've only received one batch so far but it had some of the best jerky I've ever tasted in it. Highly recommend if you like to try different types of high quality jerky.
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by Jake written last year
This jerky is amazing! I couldn't wait until a new bag arrived in the mail. I recommend Volcanic jalapeno if you like heat
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Amazing Service
by Ivan written last year
Ryan is incredibly nice and follows up with the right question so that he can deliver you the jerky you need! And who doesn't like jerky?! This was a great surprise gift for my boyfriend a few months in a row and while he didn't love all of the flavors, I most certainly did. Ryan is personable and quick to reply. He'll cater to your specific tastes! I need to cancel for now, but I fully intend on returning :)
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Very impressed.
by Keith written last year
The jerkies I received were all quite good. The Think Jerky Sriracha Honey has a very nice flavor, a bit of sweetness and just the amount of heat that I enjoy, The Crazy Horse Steakhouse has an excellent texture to go along with its savoriness and just the right hit of smoke. The Chudabeef Garliyaki is also enjoyable, though for me the merging of teriyaki and garlic (two flavors I like) was not quite the success I imagined. There's a nice bit of vinegar tang at the beginning but the flavor dissipates quickly, whereas with the others the flavors build. Overall I'm pleased and looking forward to what's next!
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