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Craft jerky delivered right to your mailbox.

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4.9 of 5 stars
Personal touch
by Jacob written Jul 24, 2016
Just got my third package. Ryan makes clear efforts to personalize the jerky choices, and it pays off. He's got an impressive variety, and I'm trying stuff I never would have found otherwise. Some bags better than others obviously, but that's part of the trip - I'm using this to fine tune my own tastes. It's a fun service, and when it's good, it's really good. Thanks!
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Awesome service!
by Andy written Jul 12, 2016
I love my jerky and often have to resort to making my own, which is time consuming and expensive. Ryan is finding me some great jerky (better than my own stuff) and sending it regularly, it's delicious and the only challenge is not eating it all at once!
Beef jerky
by Toby written Jul 11, 2016
The beef Jerky was really good, I'll be honest some of the packaging looked homemade but I don't think that had anything to do with the beef jerky subscription, I think it has to do with the providers they get jerky from. When I have the money again I'll reup, packaging and presentation is everything though so let your vendors know that faded wet labels do not appear very professional. #satisfiedcustomer
by Rebecca written Jul 11, 2016
The jerky tasted great. Ryan emailed me and asked me what I would like. Love the personalization.
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Perfect Gift for my BF
by Amber written Jul 08, 2016
I always struggle with what to get my boyfriend. He has everything already. How many ties and cufflinks can a guy have? He LOVES jerky though, so I gave this subscription a shot and it was a hit. He loves it. The jerky itself was high quality and SO tasty. That's right, he let me try a bite! The best part? Jerky is edible so it doesn't pile up like other gifts do. Great subscription with tons of options on size too if you want to order for multiple people (or you just want to live on jerky, which is totally understandable).
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by Octavia written Jul 06, 2016
So happy with this product and the customer service that has gone along with it. Highly recommended!!!
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Outstanding product, exceptional service
by Larry written Jul 01, 2016
Love the concept, and Ryan delivered. Great personal customer service and we really liked the variety of products.
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Good selection and service
by Kyle written Jul 01, 2016
Got 2 bags per month for a few months and they gave me a great variety to fit the flavors I originally picked. The service was good, will most likely resubscribe in the future.
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by Amber written Jun 30, 2016
Great variety of quality jerky with excellent and speedy customer service.
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by Alex written Jun 30, 2016
Great products and great service. The owner took time to ask about my preferences before my first order, which arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this to anyone who likes subscription services.
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