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4.9 of 5 stars
by Octavia written 2 years ago
So happy with this product and the customer service that has gone along with it. Highly recommended!!!
Outstanding product, exceptional service
by Larry written 2 years ago
Love the concept, and Ryan delivered. Great personal customer service and we really liked the variety of products.
Good selection and service
by Kyle written 2 years ago
Got 2 bags per month for a few months and they gave me a great variety to fit the flavors I originally picked. The service was good, will most likely resubscribe in the future.
by Amber written 2 years ago
Great variety of quality jerky with excellent and speedy customer service.
by Alex written 2 years ago
Great products and great service. The owner took time to ask about my preferences before my first order, which arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this to anyone who likes subscription services.
Great way to get some variety.
by Robbie written 2 years ago
Where I'm at, the most variety I get is at a Beef Jerky Outlet. Talked to Ryan, told him my one allergy, and we were good to go. First month was mostly great. I loved the Mango Chipotle and the Chile Limon. The KC BBQ was definitely a weird one for me and my wife, as it was very dry, and sort of crumbled in my mouth. Talking to a few friends living that way, that's apparently the norm. But! I wouldn't have known if I liked it or not without Sumo Jerky. Yeah, the amount is pretty small, usually around 2 oz, but they are quality, not that crap from WalMart. Great shop!
by Sammy written 2 years ago
The jerky flavors were super good , they owner is very good at communicating and is super helpful! All around great experience !
Owner is a jerk. Product is flavorless.
by jerimiah written 2 years ago
Had a few good emails between the owner and myself. He initiated by asking what flavors I prefer. Shipment one was good, but I told him the quantity seemed low relative to the price. He thanked me for the comments and assured me I'd like the next shipment. Well shipment two came and it was horrible. The BBQ and Teriyaki of the same brand simply tasted like smoke flavor and was very dry and crumbly. The hot garlic was just simply hot. I emailed Ryan, the CEO, and told him to please discontinue my subscription as the product I just got wasn't up to par and I didn't see the value. His one liner reply: "Will cancel it but fuck your attitude dude. Get a life." Do you want to do business with this guy? Not to mention if you search his name, his personal website reads like a get rich quick scheme and he brags on the Internet about how Sumo Jerky brings in $10k per month... Whatever man. You tell me to get a life yet get bent out of shape when I tell you your service is overpriced and the product sucks...makes sense.
Amazing service and delicious product!
by Carey written 2 years ago
With in MINS of ordering my jerky I received a very kind welcome from, Ryan. He was checking to see what jerky my husband would love for his fathers day gift. We received our product quickly, our jerky's were delicious and fresh! The service alone would keep us a a life time subscriber! LOVE THIS! Thanks, Ryan!
Excellent everything!
by Serena written 2 years ago
The customer service is almost better than the jerky (and every delivery has tasted amazing so that is saying a lot). 5 stars across the board.
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