Craft beef jerky delivered to your mailbox.

$14.95+ $13.70+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Great Jerky, but a little pricey
by Randal written last year
Loved the jerky. Nice variety. Very responsive and friendly customer service. On the expensive side, but I'm glad I tried it.
Great Jerky, Great Customer Service
by Andy written last year
Pretty much the title. The jerky is amazing and Ryan, oh man Ryan! He's such a great dude.
Awesome Jerky
by Amy written last year
I love this service and plan on coming back when i can. The jerky tasted great. And they also sent kinds i really liked. I give five stars all the way,
Great subscription service!
by Angel written last year
SumoJerky not only delivers tasty and awesome jerky, their customer service is really great as well! Ryan's always quick to respond to emails, and he's been doing an excellent job picking out the best jerkies.
by John written last year
It's great having a set it and forget it type subscription. I love coming home and finding a surprise bad of jerky in my mailbox! The jerky is always good and the customer service is excellent!
Awesome jerkey
by Daniel written last year
Just got my first delivery this month and all 3 jerkies were awesome! There was one Hawaiian one and a couple of spicy ones, and all three were full of flavor and not super chewy like the store bought ones. Thanks Ryan!
Awesome and delicious
by Joseph written last year
Loved my 1st month, unable to continue due to braces but I will be resubscribing in September!
Great experience!
by Melody written last year
I got a three-month subscription for my husband for Christmas and he adored it. Fabulous customer service, prompt mailings, good variety of flavors, and overall a lot of fun.
Great service!
by Kyle written last year
I am allergic to soy and Ryan was able to find jerky that was not only something I could eat but also really good jerky!!
Delicious jerky. Exceptional service
by Kendra written last year
If you love jerky, you can't go wrong with this subscription. They pay close attention to customer service, concerns and offer friendly personable service. Receive high quality products at an affordable price. Love this subscription!!!!