Craft beef jerky delivered to your mailbox.

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Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Dan written last year
Great Jerky Great Service
by Curry written last year
I bought this as a gift for my dad. He is pretty picky when it comes to jerky. He LOVED the jerky that was sent each month! Staying with Sumo... like to see the smile on my dad's face :)
by Taner written last year
After placing my order, I was contacted by the owner directly to ask if I had any dietary or spicy preferences. At that moment I knew I had made the right decision...! Ryan is extremely helpful and responds quickly to emails... The beef jerky was not only tender but very delicious... The seasonings were not to overwhelming, you could still taste the meat which was very tasty... All in all very impressed so far and I'm excited for the next box... Great jerky and staff... 👍👍👍
Great experience
by Josh written last year
Enjoyed the jerky we received through SumoJerky very much. Great service!
overall great experience
by Matthew written last year
Great service and great product. Can't wait for the next box! Thanks Ryan!
Great Beef Jerky
by Laurie written last year
I agree with the last review, that it is pretty price, but I also think you get what you pay for. I think the customer service is beyond great, the owner actually sent me an email, asking me my preferences and asked if I had any food allergies. I have subscribed to quite a few different subscription boxes and have never receive an email from anyone, unless I was canceling there service. I received my order within 5 days, again excellent service in my book. The beef jerky I received was excellent, I had asked for one hot and spicy, 1 in-between, and 1 mild. I received one that was literally called hot and spicy, I could see the red peppers in it, through the wrapping, which I'm not big on hot and spicy, so this was meant for my son and he said it was beyond great. Then, I received a garlic beef jerky and the other one was a Hawaiian beef jerky, all were great, but the garlic was the bomb. I highly recommend Sumo Jerky, it surpassed my expectations
Great gift
by Myla written last year
Will do it again!
by Joshua written last year
I have only been a member for two months so far. First batch was not good. Two of the three were not good. Flavors were very one dimensional. The March batch was much better, also from different manufacturers. Flavors were good and distinct and meat quality was great.
Not worth the price
by John written last year
The biggest problem with the service (only problem, really) is that it's quite expensive. Now, if you couldn't just get online and order weird jerky from anywhere you want, it would be something you can't get from anywhere else, but it's not. Obviously, you can't run a business without added costs on top of a product when your business is simply being a middleman, but this is just a service for lazy people who don't feel like googling "best jerky" or "interesting jerky" or something similar. Also, I mentioned that I did not want anything too spicy and was rewarded with an unflavored, original bag of jerky, which you can get anywhere for the same price as shipping alone costs, so make sure you're more specific when discussing possible flavors, as the owner will personalize your order for you and still give you a surprise flavor if you want. It's a unique service, that'll probably get you some good flavors if you don't mind overpaying to try them.
by Anthony written last year
After placing my order, I was contacted by the owner directly to ask if I had any dietary or spicy preferences. From this point on I knew the service (and product) were going to be great, and I was not wrong! I got my bags in a timely fashion, The taste was very, very good, and I'm definitely going to continue to use this service!