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Give a Gift of Superpowers! A Superpower Social and Emotional + STEM monthly box

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Superpower Academy - A Superpower in Every Box!

Superpower Academy is an Award-Winning subscription that combines STEM and Social Emotional Learning for the next generation of heroes. Monthly "Secret Missions" with hands-on projects, comic books and stories of real heroes promote a growth mindset, mindfulness, and skills like dealing with frustration, building confidence and expressing empathy.

  • A fun STEM project to build each month helps kids work on proven skills for lifelong success.
  • Key Social & Emotional lessons in every box help parents teach kids about emotions, empathy and making good choices.
  • Comic books & stories of real heroes gets kids READING!
  • Boxes include parent magazines with science and tips for expert thinking about child development and achievement.
  • Curated by a team of experts to give busy families an easy head start!

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Q: Is there a big difference in the age bracket giftsAsked by Linda J., December 2021

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Reviews (87)

Highly Recommend

Nov 14, 2021
Jocelyn K.
1 Review

My boys love getting the boxes in the mail and the activities are great for stimulating their creativity. Highly recommend

Fun Way to Learn

Nov 13, 2021
Academics R.
1 Review

We liked the presentation of the box. You open it up, and receive a special message. Then you can go through what is included in the box: a newspaper, story, toolkit, guide for parents, activity book, wing patterns. We started by reading the newspaper and then the story. Then we opened the toolkit and looked at all the materials needed to build a glider. We shared the kit between two kids, so they took turns using the glider. We used the activity book and measuring tape to measure the glider and how far it can fly and wrote down the answers. They were also able to design their own wings and draw pictures of where they wished their glider could fly. They really enjoyed seeing how far they could fly their glider and comparing their results, to see whose flew the farthest.

Loves Being a Superhero!

Nov 12, 2021
Nancy S.
2 Reviews

My son really enjoyed his first box and loves being a superhero!


Nov 11, 2021
1 Review

The Super Fun Activity guidebook included not only easy-to-follow instructions on how to build your glider with the included materials, but also included flight notes where children can record their design ideas, a data collection form where children document the distance and landing of their various designs, and "super fun stuff" which provided space for children to draw creative ideas related to flight and creative thoughts of a kid with superpower (e.g. What do kids with Superpower eat for breakfast?). To my delight, my children were most interested in designing and experimenting with different types of wings for their glider, and with measuring and recording their observations.

Good customer service

Nov 10, 2021
Lisa H.
2 Reviews

Thank you very much for your good customer service.

Love this BOX

Nov 10, 2021
Canikah L.
2 Reviews

Working on our superpowers with this amazing box. I lvoe this box because it combines T.'s vavorite things with personal growth.

It was just what my daughter needed.

Nov 09, 2021
David H.
1 Review

These boxes helped a lot, not only did she enjoy the activities, she was able to put words and descriptions to how she"
"was feeling. These boxes were also right in line with what the school counselor was working with her on."
"My daughter loved them and they were right in line with what she needed. Thank you so much.

Lots of Fun

Nov 07, 2021
Nicci V.
1 Review

Had a lot of fun and education yesterday thanks to our Superpower Academy box. Learning how to calm our emotions and mind. Hs is entralled wtih it.

Loved Every Box

Nov 05, 2021
Raya A.
1 Review

My niece and nephew loved every single box.

Excited Nephew

Nov 05, 2021
Mary Y.
2 Reviews

We received the package today and my nephew seems to be very excited

Past boxes from Superpower Academy Subscription

Crash and Learn

Crash and Learn

"CRASH AND LEARN" - Your child will be invited to join a secret society of heroes and be sent on a secret FLIGHT mission! Freddie Try Again will teach your child to "stick with it" when the going gets tough. Then, your little hero will practice growth mindset and resilience as he or she builds gliders. What works? What can be improved? It won't be easy, but heroes never give up! (Subscribers ages 5-7 receive a variation of this box)

Future Telling

Future Telling

"BORN TO BE MILD" - Average Alex teaches your child that superpowers aren't always supernatural as he finds his inner strength to save the world from big bad aliens. Then, your little hero will practice mindfulness as he or she builds a sundial and watches and listens to discover the future.



"HERO ME." Little heroes learn to find their best HERO selves. Your hero will read about Martin Luther King, Jr. to discover that superpowers come from within. Then, your little hero will explore his or her strengths and weaknesses as he or she builds a HERO ME robot. A special heart with circuits brings the robot to life and reminds us all that our best self lives in our heart.



"SAVE THE TREES" - This box was inspired by Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax." Macho Mike and his friends come across a T-Rex in the woods and start a war with the big beast. But, Mike feels something isn’t right and uses his superpowers to discover the truth. Amidst the chaos, no one notices the trees in the background who are getting stomped and chomped! Trees have no “voice” to speak up for themselves. So, little heroes are tasked with the big mission of saving the trees.

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