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Give a Gift of Superpowers! A Superpower Social and Emotional + STEM monthly box kids ages 5-10

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Superpower Academy

Superpower Academy is an Award-Winning subscription that combines STEM and Social Emotional Learning for the next generation of heroes. Monthly "Secret Missions" with hands-on projects, comic books and stories of real heroes promote a growth mindset, mindfulness, and skills like dealing with emotions, building confidence and expressing empathy.
  • A fun STEM project to build each month helps kids work on proven skills for lifelong success.
  • Key Social and Emotional lessons in every box to help parents teach kids about emotions, empathy and making good choices.
  • Comic books & stories of real heroes gets kids READING!
  • All boxes include a parent magazine with science and tips for expert thinking about child development and achievement.
  • Curated by a team of experts to help give busy families a fun head start!

Customer Questions (9)


Q: I have three granddaughters, 4, 6, and 8. What would you recommend for them—one box or two? And which age group if just one? They work well together. They all have birthdays in early June. Asked by Cynthia R., December 2019

Superpower Academy answered...December 2019

We recommend 2 subscriptions - 1 of each age series. The 4 and 6 year-olds
can share the age 5-7 series subscription. They will need some support to
do the activities, so can work together with their older sibling. This is
a great collaborative activity and gives the older child a chance to mentor
the younger two. There will be some overlap in the deliveries, so when the
children receive the same or similar (aged-versions of the same activities)
boxes, they can do work together as a family. It would be wonderful,
however, for the older sibling to have something of his or her "own",
especially as this journey is to develop one's own "superpowers." When an
age 8-10 series box arrives that is different, the older child...


Q: What comes in the first box? I want the robot will that come if I want it?Asked by Mar A., August 2020

Superpower Academy answered...August 2020

Thank you for your question. We ship the same first Welcome Box to new subscribers within each age range. The age 5-7 Welcome Box is personalized for each child. If, however, you would like a specific box, please email your order information to the address provided in your confirmation email and we will try to accommodate your request (if our inventory permits). Note, however, that the boxes are designed to be sent in sequential pairs. For example, the HeroME Robot Box is a follow-on to the Future Telling Sundial Box. Thus, consider starting with the first box of a pair so the lesson makes sense to your child. Please feel free to message us with any other questions....


Q: I have a 5 and 6 year old. Can I do one subscription for both of them? Or will they each want their own?Asked by Arielle R., October 2021

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Q: My daughter is 13 & in 8th grade. Would this still be good for her despite the cut off age range of 10 yrs. old? It has been had to find an educational sub. boxes for her age range & I like yours.Asked by Leuterio E., December 2020

Superpower Academy answered...December 2020

Thank you for your question and for considering Superpower Academy. We design the boxes for ages 5-10, so I suspect your daughter may find the reading and activities too simple. That being said, we do have many subscribers and students (using Superpower Academy as classroom curriculum) who are >10 years old who still enjoy the activities. My suggestion would be to try a box and see how it goes. After placing your order, you can send us a quick message and we will select the more challenging projects for her. If your daughter loves it, she can continue. If not, it is simple to cancel.

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Crash and Learn

Welcome Box (ages 5-7) "CRASH AND LEARN": Your child will join a society of heroes and be sent on a secret FLIGHT mission! Freddie Try Again will teach your child to "stick with it" as he learns to fly. Then, your little hero will practice growth mindset and resilience as he or she builds gliders. What works? What can be improved? It won't be easy, but heroes never give up! (Subscribers ages 8-10 receive a variation of this box in a later month).

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Our “Save the Trees” box was inspired by Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax." Macho Mike and his friends come across a T-Rex in the woods and start a war with the big beast. But, Mike feels something isn’t right and uses his superpowers to discover the truth. Amidst the chaos, no one notices the trees in the background who are getting stomped and chomped! Trees have no “voice” to speak up for themselves. Superpower Academy heroes receive a "Secret Mission" to SAVE THE TREES!

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