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by Mariah written 4 months ago
I would say this the best box ever to get our dogs!! They each love something out of there as do I when they include something for us humans! But I love how every month there is something different!! Also I love that my dogs love all of their products too!! They are so helpful too!! So over all you should order a box right now!! And you all will be extremely satisfied!!
by Kate written 5 months ago
you won't regret it. We've received a couple boxes from all the dog box subscriptions out there; seriously we received 6 different boxes for a couple of months because we wanted to know which one was truly the best. Well, surprise pawty beats them all! We have a little doodle - georgey- who was ably to chew through many other toys, as they were not quality enough. Although he will say anything, I will say that the treats surprise pawty sent were ones we decided to order again through the maker, and they smelled so good, almost as good as people treats! It made me feel that what I was giving George was very high quality. I highly recommend surprise pawty because I know for a fact their quality is by far the highest on the market. I cannot recommend them enough!
Perfect choice to spoil your pup!
by KyraConstam written 6 months ago
I've only gotten one box so far but it was amazing! The toys and treats were appropriately-sized for my dog, in addition to being well-made. My pup is not too hard to please but he really loved everything in the box, probably more than his other toys. The process to get the box was painless and the shipping was fast. Even the packaging was great! The little card detailing the contents was very helpful. Would recommend!
Outstanding Dog Subscription Box!
by Amy written 6 months ago
I've been receiving Surprise Pawty boxes for 7 months now and I'm hooked! They pick out the most durable and fun toys. My dogs play with them more than the toys I buy them myself. One of the best things is the treats they pick out. They are always healthy and made with ingredients that you can pronounce. Another plus is the gift for the humans each month. Some are hand made which makes them unique and very well made. Last, but not least is their customer service. Its exceptional! They are not afraid to reach out to ensure your pawty box is everything you hoped for. I would highly recommend this subscription box for any dog owner. Big or small.
Great birthday gift!
by Lisa written 6 months ago
We bought this gift for our boss who just loves his dogs - a 12 month subscription. So far 2 subscriptions have come, and the treats and toys have been a huge hit! A must buy for anyone who loves to spoil their pooches!!
Quality, strong toys & great treats!
by Michelle written 7 months ago
Surprise Pawty is a wonderful gift my girls get every month. They pick amazing and most of all quality products. The treats are A+. I'm very particular with what they eat, meaning ingredients need to be something I can spell, annunciate and eat myself. The toys are durable and have withstood the sharp puppy teeth and tug-o-wars that happen on a daily basis. I also love the treats they give us parents :)
Durable, current, and healthy!
by MeganDolle written 7 months ago
It is so hard to find box subscriptions that can withstand my border collie/cocker spaniel's wrath. She destroys EVERYTHING! I was so pleasantly surprised by the durability of the items in our March box. They kept Willow's attention but are also strong enough to really last. She is also extremely picky when it comes to treats. The organic, healthy treats included in the box immediately had her salivating and wanting more. It is so great to support small companies like those Surprise Pawty included in their subscription! We have had a very positive experience!
Perfect for your beloved pets
by LISA written 8 months ago
I have never understood the draw of subscription boxes until I signed up for the one-month trial box. I can just tell by my box's appearance that a lot of time and effort went into decorating it. It happened to be my dog's birthday so the box had a lovely "Happy Birthday" message on the inside. I especially loved the toys. I usually buy the cheap plush toys from the pet store and get frustrated that it didn't last very long. The toys that came in the box definitely had durability in mind. I never heard of these brands of toys, but my dog loved them and I love them too! The treats that were included were healthy looking. They smelled great and my dog just gobbled them up. I was very impressed by the thought and consideration that went into each item that was in the box. I am definitely signing up for more boxes and highly recommend this subscription service to anyone who loves their pets like their own children.
by Etania written 9 months ago
One of the best dog subscription box companies out there! They really get to know you and your pet and all the products in each subscription box is very high quality. Each month, they have different themes and all the goodies in the inside go well with what your pup looks for. Along with products for your dog, they always include 1 or 2 products just for the human, which makes it even better.
Awesome treats and friendly CS
by Sheri written 9 months ago
The pawty box comes with fun toys and treats! My dog is small and 16 years old so they took in consideration what he got inside the box. I actually got the box during Christmas time and left the box underneath the Christmas tree. When I came home, he magically found his way inside the box and ate the treats!! He loved it, only thing was cleaning up all the crumbs he left! But I recommend the pawty box for any dog who loves awesome surprises.