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Surprise Pawty
Receive a fully customizable pawty experience for you and your dog every month!

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5.0 of 5 stars
A hit!
by Aspen written Sep 24, 2018
Thank you!
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by campbell written Sep 03, 2018
We were an ambassador for Surprise pawty for 3 months on instagram and throughout our experience working with them they have been very accommodating. Always made sure to check with me regarding if my dog had any food allergies and her likes and dislikes beforehand to ensure we have the best experience possible. The box itself was filled with great quality products that we enjoyed reviewing. I would recommend them to anyone who is wanting to celebrate a special occasion or just simply spoil their pet!
Pup luuuuuved it
by Danica written Aug 27, 2018
What I love about this box over all the dog boxes I’ve tried is that it’s curated for OUR dog. They pick out things specifically for our fuzzy Spitz, Pumpkin.... So it’s Pumpkin’s birthday this month and when we opened the box flap, it said, “Happy birthday, Pumpkin!” in beautiful stickers! The squeaky toy this month was a birthday cake!! And they even put in doggy ice cream! So cool! Customer service is superb! Highly recommend this box over all the rest!
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Great birthday box!
by Anna written Aug 26, 2018
I got this box for the first time for my dog’s birthday, as a one time gift. It was so well made with two dog treats, two dog toys, a bandana for her to wear, and a couple of other items. She has a sensitive stomach so I was contacted ahead of time to ensure she got treats that she could eat. The inside of the box was also thoughtfully decorated with her name on it! I don’t think I would get this every month, but it was definitely a nice birthday surprise - perhaps a new tradition for us!
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by Lemonjelli written Aug 26, 2018
The box was super cute and fun. I bought a 3 month sub as a gift and the recipient was thrilled! And of course her dog was as well!
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by Taylor written Jul 26, 2018
This box was awesome!!! I have tried other box options and heard about this from a friend. Decided to give it a try and it did not disappoint. Toys were cute and size appropriate for my Yorkie! Love that this box has a “Tiny” option for under 10 lbs. Great size/quality treats. Will definitely get more!
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My furbabies freaked out!!
by MARLANA written Jul 23, 2018
I wish it let me post the photos here..but my Buzz was so excited you recognized his birthday!! Omg that was the best!!
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best dog box
by Dana written Jun 06, 2018
so I had tried out 2 other subscriptions boxes and and surprisepawty is honestly my favorite .. i tried one of the more popular boxes and ended up canceling that because I was getting a stock pile of treats, and toys were ahhh for her... the 2nd box was a lesser brand and it was cute, I got a human gift along with presents for her, but quality wasn't with it for the price.... that brought me to surprisepawty.... dahlia loves the toys she has gotten a lot more than the more popular monthly box toys. she loves the surprise party toys. I've never seen her play w the popular box toys.... the tests she gets are gone by the end of the month and by the next box she is ready for new treats. the human items are put together with thought, love they will endorse small business in one box and a dog themed item a bit bigger in another. love the roll of poop bags in every box, by the time I'm at the end of the roll a new box arrives... dogs bdays are special for them. I ordered extra items for my girl and they added a few extra for free too... I so love this box... and love that they support dog rescue. gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a gift box for their dog.. love my girl get surprises, but I get a surprise too:-)
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My favorite box!
by Jenn written May 21, 2018
These guys got it down!!! The box is fun, exciting to get every month, personalized in a way that’s thoughtful and all sound a great treat! Both my dog Petunia and I (maybe me even more than her) love it!!
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Awesome box!!
by Jenn written Apr 28, 2018
Not only did my dog love the box, but so did my cat!! I typically order a box and then cancel it pretty quickly, but this box rocked! I can’t wait for next month!
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