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Surprise Ride

by Surprise Ride
Hours of pre-planned activities at your door. As seen on ABC's Shark Tank!

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Jun 19, 2017
Sharon C.
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I ordered this for my 4+ year old granddaughter and have received two kits so far. This box is amazing! My only issue is that it is far too mature for my just-four-year-old. However, it may be possible to adapt them to a younger child. I haven't cancelled, so I plan to use whatever I can and set aside the rest for a year or two when she is more ready. Makes a wonderful gift!

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Sep 23, 2016
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I love that my son looks forward to the Surprise every month and when he gets it he goes thru it all and reads the little facts. The best part is that I hear him telling his grandparents and friends about the adventure he found in 'a box'!


Sep 27, 2016
Don E.
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This is a perfect rainy day "unplugged" activity for my grandchildren. They LOVE to open their surprise box and do the activities together. I rarely hear the usual cousin bickering as they explore and create.