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by Sherry written Jan 10, 2017
Easy to fix. Great portion size.
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Good stuff!
by Sharleen written Sep 21, 2016
"‚ÄčThis is great! I'm a medical student and having extra leftovers helps so much when I don't have a lot of time."
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enjoyed immensely!
by keri written Sep 19, 2016
i really enjoyed the 1st kit i got - the burmese khao soi. easy and shelf stable, i was able to prepare when i was ready. the instructions were perfect. thanks! i am looking forward to future kits :)
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Convenient Way to Taste World Cuisine
by Alexandra written Aug 24, 2016
Love the concept and the recipes truly deliver the entire experience. Each kit has everything you need to make the entire meal and I am always surprised by the flavor of each kit, especially since all of the ingredients are shelf stable. My favorite experience with these kits was after a weekend of moving and unpacking and opening a box containing this kit as well as my kitchen supplies. I was able to put together a hearty, delicious meal in around 30 minutes, much less time than it would have taken us to decide on takeout and have it delivered. I also like the fact that these have a longer shelf life, which means I am not at the mercy of my meal kits. This is something I have experienced with other meal kits like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, where I either force myself to make a recipe so that the ingredients do not spoil or accept a dinner invitation and then cook with not as fresh ingredients. I also love the fact that the company is constantly working on new recipes so you never know what part of the world your meal will transport you to. i have already tried 4 kits and can't wait to try more. Thai Crab Curry is my absolute favorite. Must try!
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