Tangle Troves™

Treasure to enhance your Tangling or other Creative practice

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Tangle Troves™
When you tangle with tools you love it increases the joy and is a treat to yourself! Tangling has taken the art world by storm, if you've always wanted to draw.. or learn mindfulness now you can. Artists of all ages love high quality materials and benefit from instruction. Tangle troves provides that as well as keys to relaxation and mindfulness.
  • High quality art supplies, not throwaways
  • Every month someone wins $100 in supplies!
  • Exclusive tutorials, instruction and projects
  • Tools and Supplies
  • 5 or more items each month!
Subscriber Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars
Such value
by Suz written last year
There is so much care included in these boxes, you can tell by the packaging, the well thought out letter that explains why each piece was chosen. In short, the value is off the charts. This month we received hand marbled tiles (the amount of effort involve in doing that!) and hand cut paper projects along with a video of how to's that lasted over a half hour... that doesn't even mention the gourmet chocolate and lovely tea that were included as extras. No other box provides projects as well as supplies. I'm so impressed.
Update to Previous Review
by Storm written last year
First, I want to update the description of one of the items in the package. I didn't examine it closely enough. The items I thought were made out of SB paper is actually not SB paper at all. Rather, the design is hand made work created by another artist. While it's not my taste, I don't want to insult the artist or the Treasure Trove owner for choosing it. While the first order did not meet my expectation of bang for MY buck, I will say that my disappointment was handled very kindly, professionally and I am impressed with the owner's customer service. I may give it another try. Try it and judge for yourself.
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