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Didn't get anything...EVER!
by Heather written Jan 07, 2018
I just cancelled the renewal on my 3 month subscription. I ordered in October and have yet to receive anything! I was told by the seller that I would be getting a box in November....nothing, no box, no shipping information. I made repeated attempts to contact that seller in December, but she only replied after I got Cratejoy involved. She stated that she would be shipping the November box the next day and email the shipping info. Never came, not the box, not the email and no word on the December box either. Now it's January and I have zero hope that I will get any of these boxes. I contacted the seller last week stating that I either wanted my boxes or a refund, but she has yet to reply. Please do not subscribe to this box if you want to actually get what you are paying for!
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So disappointed
by Luci written Nov 22, 2017
Still have not received my Tangle Trove. I need communication and a box!
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No box? Communication Not Always Good
by Christine written Nov 07, 2017
I signed up in October and was told I could receive an October box if I signed up right away. I later emailed because box never came, and here we are in November where the plan wants to renew and no box, after two more emails no response, either. In this day and age you just can't operate like that. You need to be responsive. It's a good idea, too bad it doesn't appear reliable. I hope I receive one box because I did pay for one,
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Products good, service is horrendous
by Kate written Nov 07, 2017
I signed up in April of 2017, 6 months later I have still only gotten 2 of the three i paid for. I was promised extra boxes for the inconvenience. Never got those. I would have email at least twice to get her attention. She refused to resend boxes for months I missed. She, the owner, Kelly Barone actually lied to me in our last contact. she said she had shipped all the missing boxes but would not respond with a tracking number I asked for nicely. I got a box in May, nothing in June. In july her system messes mailing labels up. When I asked why I was not getting my boxes Kelly said she would investigate. Her system had two addresses for me. My home in Canada and some address in South Carolina, which Ive never been there let alone own a house.I wrote a final email letting Kelly know I was beyond frustrated, I was mad. If she could not do what she promised then she was to give me a refund. The response I got after two e mails was this....I have shipped the box however at this point Im going to just refund yo This is where I asked kindly for the tracing number. she flat out lied to me. saying she sent the ones owed to me when in reality she not So she said well at this point Iam just get refund me.,
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My favorite bo
by Riley written Nov 03, 2017
I love my Tangle Trove boxes, the projects are great, the creator is super fun and I love everything I get. I have a stockpile of projects for the winter months!
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6”m LunnheynetnNot what I expected.
by Kate written Nov 02, 2017
I signed up mid April for a three month subscription, I got my first box in May. No June or zju
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Such value
by Suz written May 08, 2016
There is so much care included in these boxes, you can tell by the packaging, the well thought out letter that explains why each piece was chosen. In short, the value is off the charts. This month we received hand marbled tiles (the amount of effort involve in doing that!) and hand cut paper projects along with a video of how to's that lasted over a half hour... that doesn't even mention the gourmet chocolate and lovely tea that were included as extras. No other box provides projects as well as supplies. I'm so impressed.
Update to Previous Review
by Storm written May 07, 2016
First, I want to update the description of one of the items in the package. I didn't examine it closely enough. The items I thought were made out of SB paper is actually not SB paper at all. Rather, the design is hand made work created by another artist. While it's not my taste, I don't want to insult the artist or the Treasure Trove owner for choosing it. While the first order did not meet my expectation of bang for MY buck, I will say that my disappointment was handled very kindly, professionally and I am impressed with the owner's customer service. I may give it another try. Try it and judge for yourself.
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