A premium subscription for snail mail, paper craft embellishments and planner accessories.

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5.0 of 5 stars
Love it
by Cathi written 15 days ago
Lifting the tissue paper to reveal the contents always results in a smile. Beautiful presentation and great coordination in each months box. Treasures!
Really Cute!
by Sharon written last year
I was delighted by the originality and care that went into this box! So many different paper craft items and ideas! Very nice!
by Diane written last year
It was simply marvelous! The Christmas theme was delightful and there were so many items! It was a box that kept on giving. Thank you!
by anita written last year
I am SO, SO happy with this box. I had another but cancelled it after to first box, oh the disappointment. But this one is amazing. First the bag in came in (swoon), then the poppy paper inside (swoon again). LOVE THIS!! Thank you for taking the time to put some real thought into this! <3
by Diane written last year
This little box was packed full of surprises. I wasn't sure that it would be worth the $, but there is a lot of great little things in there!! Looking forward to the next one!
by Patsy written last year
I absolutely love this box. Everything was coordinated with detail and creativity! You can tell that a lot of time was spent putting this box together with great care. The best scrapping/planning subscription box I have experienced thus far -- This box is a must have!
Great box
by joanna written last year
I didn't think it was going to be worth the money but it is
by Faith written last year
Today I received my first box. I just love the different things in the box. The beaded hearts embellishments, and solid backed hearts are really cool. I love the washi tape pencils; REAL nice. Can't wait for next month : )
Very happy
by ChantelLaPere written last year
This is the first time I ever order from here and I was extremely happy! I love this box and even the wrapping around the box was cute!! I have already paid for Aug but I am going to get the subscription now that I know it is awesome!
Absolutely LOVE!!!!!
by Denise written last year
I was in LOVE with my first box, I am so excited for this months box!!! Everything was put together with detail, and creativity! You can tell that time was spent crafting this box which gives it the warm feeling of it!! Thank you for taking the time to care, and share with us!! This box is a must have!!!
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