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Handmade, Natural, and Cruelty-Free Beauty, Delivered.

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4.7 of 5 stars
Love ❤️
by Nicole written 2 months ago
Organic, naturally derived products that make me feel connected to nature. The ingredients are actually organic and I can read them, versus some other "organic" subscription boxes. I would consider this box a luxury, can't wait for the next one to arrive. 💓
Wonderful and perfect
by Claire written 6 months ago
I received my first box (may 2017). I am so pleased with everything and will be using all of it. Absolutely perfect bath-centric box for this month's selection and exactly what I want. Well done, Terra Bella!
Going to cancel 🙁
by Laura written 7 months ago
Terra Bella has been in my wishlist for months. I was so torn about spending $32.95 a month. So when their latest coupon price was offered for their "Welcome" box I didn't hesitate to order it. I am still unsure whether or not I received an average box consisting of what Terra Bella sends out as the norm. Anyway, I received my box,...a small solid perfume, a little pot of natural tooth paste, an after shave gel, and a shampoo bar. First off, something leaked. Still not certain which item it was, but I think it was the after shave gel. I was not impressed at all. I'm thinking some of the problem is that I know that I am perfectly capeable of making all of the items myself and again,.....$32.95! Also, I didn't really like any of the items I received. 😕 So, I suppose this would be a great box for people who like natural items, have no desire to make them themselves and have the money to spend on it. Just my opinion.
Loved my box!
by Deanne written 8 months ago
I love this box! It is fantastic! Filled with natural and organic makeup that is all handmade and form small companies. Shop small is the best!
Smells delicious
by Roberta written last year
I received my gift box of Terra Bella products (Whole Body Balm, Perfume - GLOW for a cause, Peppermint Almond Soap, and Sugar Plum Spice Moisturizing Lotion Candle) yesterday, and I absolutely love the smell of everything. The perfume is just a nice hint of lovely scent - can't wait to try it all!
Not even 1 Star!
by Laura written last year
I received my first box today and I was so disappointed in it. It was awful! I'm so glad that I didn't send these out as gifts to my daughters. Not worth the money. Some of the packaging was tacky and cheap. The pictures that were advertised on line were bright and cheerful. The items I received were drab and not nice quality. Buyer beware!
July box
by Roberta written last year
I got different products than the ones pictured for July....but, I liked them all!
Love this box!
by Corinne written last year
I decided to try this box as a way to find natural beauty products that were unique and something I may not have ever come across on my own (Not the same things you find at large beauty stores). It was exactly what I was hoping for. I love it and I can't wait to see what comes in the next box!
Amazing body care
by Danielle written last year
I have received 3 boxes and all of them have been amazing with a really good variety of products. It is obvious care is taken to give a variety of handmade products. All I have received are high quality and luxurious body and face care. Highly recommended for yourself or for gifts.
Thoughtful and Wonderful Products!
by Emma written last year
Like most teenage girls, I use makeup products that aren't always the most eco-friendly, or best for my skin. As a result of this, my relationship with my skin has been somewhat rocky. I am eternally grateful for Terra Bella, as the monthly box comes with such a wide variety of stuff for my skin- masks, scrubs, and more! My skin has definitely been a lot smoother since using these natural products. Also, the makeup from the box has become a daily staple of my life! I appreciate the time and effort that this company puts in to find products that benefit skin, all while finding them from small businesses! That kind of dedication is hard to find. I'm planning on being a long term subscriber!