Terra Bella Box
Handmade, Natural, and Cruelty-Free Beauty, Delivered.

$29.95 / month

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4.1 of 5 stars
by Anna written Nov 04, 2018
Very bad and Waitting for 2 month And no responding No money back No box:(
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Disputing Charges
by Jenny written Sep 23, 2018
I hate when I have to dispute a charge with the bank, and the business that put me through it. Answer you e-mail, or even simpler, ship you box when you said you would.
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Still no response
by Jenny written Sep 20, 2018
Don't answer e-mail, Facebook chat, and not even bother with one star reviews? I have no confident they will put much effort into putting together a good box.
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Owner could care less
by Jenny written Sep 19, 2018
Box is still not ship and owner is still not responding.
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Zero customer service
by Jenny written Sep 18, 2018
This is my first and final month subscribing. There is no word on the September box that should have been shipped by the 15th according to this site. The owner never responded to any of my emails, on-site messages, or Facebook messages. It seems like many posts has mentioned the non-existing customer service. I will have to call the bank and get the charge reversed now. Sigh.
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I loved this box but...
by Elena written Jul 18, 2018
I really loved this subscription but I purchased their mystery box 3 weeks ago and got no shipping notification or payment conformation email yet. My credit card was charged though. I've contacted customer service but can't get response. This situation really makes me worry. I'm going to wait till the end of the week and if no-one would get back to me I'll contact my bank about the charges. Really shocked because I purchased mystery boxes from them several times and was a subscriber for almost a year. Good luck everyone!
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by Latasha written Mar 30, 2018
I just received my 1st box March 2018. I was soo looking forward to this box and when I received it.. was very disappointed. I didn't sigh up to receive nail polish and remover. This is supposed to be a wellness Box. I'll try one more month. If it's not better I'm canceling.
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I love this box!
by Ann written Feb 25, 2018
Terra Bella box is my gift of natural beauty and body products each month! I love that everything in the box is good for me and cruelty free. I have gone on to buy more of the sample products I got in my TerraBella box. Plus the owner is super nice and I’m supporting a small business with my subscription.
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Your December box is just the best!
by Elena written Jan 09, 2018
December Terra Bella Box is so awesome! I'm so happy to get lots of usable products fighting my winter cold! Everything smell so nice. My favorite box for this month for sure (and I have about 15 of subscriptions). Thank you so much! Keep it up!
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Great box!
by Maryia written Dec 06, 2017
I like this beauty subscription - they seem to so special! Every time waiting for new items and every time enjoying their choice :) Cute design, by the way)
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