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Like my birthday, every month!
by Katherine written 3 years ago
I ordered this initially to get a few fun products for my teenage daughter and I to try out, and it has turned into a monthly obsession. We have a pact to not open the box without the other, because deciding who gets what is truly an exercise in negotiation. We have been getting the boxes for three months and I just extended our subscription for 6 more months. We also got the extra winter box. Every single item has been amazing. I have fought with my skin for 25 years, until I started using the products in the Terra Bella boxes. I recently went on a trip for a week, not taking any of my TB products, and my middle aged acne came roaring back. Got home, did a face scrub and mask, and it calmed down significantly overnight. I don't know if it's voodoo magic or that I'm finally using all natural products, but I don't care, I love having glowing, healthy skin. I deserve it! And I love that my daughter is using natural products instead of putting all those chemicals on her skin. But really my favorite part is the surprise of what is inside! We love digging in each month and oohing and aahing over things. Sadly, we actually DO ooh and aah. The price is very reasonable, in my opinion, especially given the quality of items and thought put into them each month. I will be a Terra Bella subscriber for a long time.
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Excited every month!
by Becky written 3 years ago
I actually squeal with joy when I open my mailbox to find my monthly Terra Bella Box. The squeals continue as I open the Box to see all the amazing products inside. Since starting this subscription I have bought more of the same products from the box and have tried many new products from the companies represented in the box. Many of these products have become my favorite beauty products that I continue to use daily.
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LOVE this box!
by Nichole written 3 years ago
I have been a subscriber to the Terra Bella Box from the launch. I heard about the box through a fitness group I belong to. I wouldn't have considered myself a person who was "into" beauty products but I have adored EVERYTHING I've received. My favorites are the soap and bath bombs from Sept, the Dead Sea mud mask from October and the pumpkin lip balm from November. I enjoy this box so much, I have sent one to each woman in my family as a gift! Everyone has really enjoyed the products.
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In love with this sub box!
by Mallory written 3 years ago
I look forward to getting my box each month! I honestly use every product that is sent to me and I have changed my skin care routine completely after using the products featured in terra Bella box. I have sensitive skin so I'm usually pretty picky about what I put on my body. I have had nothing but good results from each product! I would definitely recommend terra Bella box!
Exceeded my ecpectations!
by Rachel written 3 years ago
I have subscribed to similar programs in the past but Terra Bella is by far my favorite! The products are amazing. It is apparent that quality is a priority when it comes to product selection. They are now my "go-to" when I need to send a great gift.
by Emily written 3 years ago
I've had three boxes so far and I have loved each and every one of them. You can tell each box is thoughtfully prepared. Each product is unique and fabulous!
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by Nicole written 3 years ago
I purchased the "lite" box and let me tell you, this subcription is FANTASTIC! I signed up bc I LOVE that it's all natural products and bonus to be helping out small bussinesses. A lot of love and time goes into these boxes! The variety of products is awesome and all super great quality amd variety. I've immediately used everything I've been sent. You won't want to sit this stuff in your cupboard and never touch it-it's all too great and very usable wonderful stuff :) great packaging, presentation too. Great value as well! You won't be disappointed. Love love love
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Love this product!
by Deanna written 3 years ago
I have subscribed to other monthly mail boxes and by far this is my favoite. The others have included Maven and Loot Crate. I enjoy Loot Crate but Maven had to be tweaked to make it something I really enjoyed and that took work. Still I have not used every product they sent me and it's been months since I discontinued the subscription. The Terra Bella Box on the other hand has been a delight. I have been enrolled for a month and received 2 other boxes as part of a special event that was being run. I have used EVERY product at least once and at this point usually more than that. It is clear that the owner cares for these products and is thoughtful when assembling them. I feel like I am truly treating myself when I use a product, my most favorite at this point being a minty sugar scrub. It makes me feel soft and the scent of the mint is not overpowering. I hope that anyone trying to make a decision on purchasing these boxes will allow themselves to be pampered. I also gave my 24 year old step-daughter a box for Christmas and she loved it. Do treat yourself to truly thoughtful and useful products.
I Love Terra Bella Box!!
by Lindsay written 3 years ago
I am a monthly subscriber and have loved every box so far! The items in each box are thoughtfully selected. I greatly appreciate that the products are all natural, animal friendly, and support small businesses. Receiving each box is truly a treat!
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Excellent products
by Kate written 3 years ago
I love all of the products that were in my box! Great quality and beautifully packed.
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