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by The Appalachian Artisan
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Jan 22, 2021
Trieu-ann B.
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Contacting my credit card company to refute this charge. It's been two months with the seller not responding to inquires. I know things are hard these days, but no response is just RUDE.

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The Appalachian Artisan said...Jan 22, 2021

I'm not entirely sure you recieved my email back because I sent a response just about ten minutes before getting this review notification. I just wanted you to know that a replacement box will be put in the mail first thing tomorrow, this is what is also what was emailed to you. Im sorry for any inconvenience.


Nov 17, 2020
Diane L.
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This box is not for me. I received my first box today and was really disappointed. I received a thinly striped, very stretchy scar in dreadful yellowish-tan and black, with black tassels on both ends. This was definitely vintage. How vintage? My gr-grandmother had a dress in this exact pattern but in a stiffer material that mu mom kept for years! I used to play dress-up in it as a child!
Next was a Himalayan necklace in a bizarre pattern on a long black , very stiff, cheap cord that just wouldnt hand right around my neck.
Next was a Himalayan Christmas ornament that was not Christmasy at all! It was a pink and white circle.
Also enclosed was a thin plastic bad half full of Himalayan bath salts with teatree. It is an ugly grey color and has a musty type of odor. There is no way I would gift this, and I certainly wouldnt use it myself.
Lastly was a very nice yellow patterned face mask which unfortunately has an odor. I will definitely have to wash it before wearing.
This box is not for me. This first box is my last one. Also, why all the Himalayan salt items? I dont understand that at all!

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The Appalachian Artisan said...Nov 18, 2020

Hello Diane!
I'm so sorry to see that you were disappointed in your box! I just want to assure you the scarf was made with fresh off the bolt material, although I can see how it has a vintage look. The mask definitely should be washed before wearing, as all masks should be because of the dye. The theme for this month was "salt of the earth". This is why we have the faux geode made with salt. The suncatcher made with salt (but can be used as an ornament in this season). Also, the bath salt mixture... this mixture was infused with activated charcoal for its cleansing properties, hence the grayish color. Im sorry to hear the leather cord was not comfortable for you, I...