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3.2 of 5 stars
Bam Box Horror
by Robert written 16 days ago
The boxes have been so-so. There have been too many duplicates from Horrorblock
Non Existent Customer Service
by rebecca written last year
I've been with BAM! Box since the beginning, at first they had really cool items and there was a alot of variety then recently I would say the past maybe 7 or 8 months they took a nose dive. The product quality is hit and miss (more miss) there are similar items in every box and there are frequent issues with shipping and missing items. When sending customer service a message good luck getting a response I had a billing issue in August they still havnt replied to and a message about a missing 1 UP item in my mpst recent box I sent a message about over 2 weeks ago with no response. They will tell you to go to the Facebook page and message a moderator. I'm sorry although the Mods are helpful that is not am acceptable computer business model. I was sticking around to see if they made a come back with the item quality and variety but customer service ultimately made up my mind for me #cancelled
So far, meh...
by Robert written last year
I recently subscribed to the Horror Bam Box, after Horrorblock went out of business. So far, I think it's been okay. Unfortunately, they have already duplicated items that I got from Horrorblock (PJ Soles autograph, Rabbit in Red book). I am going to wait another month or so before I decide whether or not I'll continue as a subscriber.
Painful experience
by Rob written last year
Going on 7 weeks since I paid for the September box. SO many run arounds. 5+ days to get emails back (on multiple occasions) from "customer service". I understand they had asupplier issue, but they seem to have no desire to satisfy their customers. Told me it shipped on the 24th of October. Here we are in November, and it still hasn't shown up. Now they are blaming it on USPS - even though it shows as never being delivered to them. I'm sure for those it all goes well for, it's great. But god help you if there is an issue.
Not for Me
by Kelly written last year
I subscribed to this box thinking it was going to be the Power Rangers as the picture showed but it was not that box. The box I did get had only two items that I liked and knew what they were from. Two of the other items didn't even have it listed of what they were from in the little pamphlet. I will not be ordering again.
Heading back in the right direction!
by Stephen written last year
I've stuck with BamBox throughout and it's great to see them going back to their roots and improving the customer service as well as the products that are going out in the boxes. Last month was GREAT!!! Please keep this up. I also am excited about the recent launch of the Horror Box. Can't wait to get mine!
Not as promised
by Brandon written last year
I have done many different subscription boxes and this is the WORST! 2 months in a row items that were promised were not received. First was when they promised a Toxic Avenger item and when the box came no such luck. They said it was because they could not get the licensing... Well don't promise it if you can't deliver. Second time was the following month. We were supposed to receive a extra item because of the delays and screw ups but instead it was delayed only to receive it with out one of the items. They replied with the item was not in any of the boxes and would be in the next box with a extra item. Fool me once shame on you but fool me twice shame on me. Avoid this like the plague folks. We will see if I even get the item promised even though it is supposed to by shipped even if you cancelled your subscription.
by Lisa written last year
So glad I got the "Knight" license plate
Just Junk
by David written 2 years ago
For Bam Box being one of the most expensive geek collector boxes it is by far one of the worst. The Adult Cartoon themed box was the final staw for me. I canceled my subscription right after I received it. Though not quick enough. I had already paid for the December box as well. So this will be my last Bam Box. Not sure what Bam Box is thinking sending autographs of cosplay characters OR the multiple items very similar....LIke comics I would never buy in a store signed by someone I've never heard of. I dont need a Betty Boop Bam Box comic. Even if it was signed by the artist. Give people cool autographs of popular pop culturex items, prop replicas, movie themed items. Just no more photos or art that nobody cares about or would want in the first place. Way off base with your product choices Bam Box!
by CJ written 2 years ago
The Adult Cartoon theme was terrible and the items in the box were completely garbage. I literally opened the box and threw everything away 5 mins later.
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