The Barbell Box
A fitness inspired premium monthly subscription box designed to elevate your training sessions

$54.99+ CAD / month

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4.7 of 5 stars
Wouldn't change a thing
by Courtney written 7 months ago
I have loved everything I have received in my Barbell Boxes so far. I love the variety of samples and getting to try so many different supplements and products so that I can choose what I want to buy for myself. All the apparel items have been of great quality. Comfortable and cute!! There is nothing I have not used to date!! Highly recommend.
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LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Andrew written 10 months ago
. One thing I do like about this subscription is that not because it was my first but also because of what I receive every month. If it wasn’t for you and your team, I wouldn’t have known about all these great companies out there other than the leading MAGNUM which I am in love with. I see truly amazing results as I push harder and harder in the gym. I now have a goal and a focus. I will most likely prepare for my first competition next year but not sure when. Thanks again for the gear I received today (gloves) and the other great stuff. Im constantly trying to think of ways to improve on the BOX and when I do I will surely let you know. Destination_fitness_416
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Lots of interesting stuff
by Kevin written 10 months ago
The thing I like about this box is the amount of variety you get. One month you're getting protein gummy bears and the next you're getting mac and cheese. And even with this variety, they still pack in a few of the essentials (like some whey, pre-workouts, and protein bars). For someone who gets tired of one flavour or product quickly (i.e. me) and just uses these things every now and then, this is a great box.
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by DanielleStewart written 10 months ago
They really pack a helluva lot of goodies in one small box. Great for testing out products, especially protein bars (I'm a bar fiend). The apparel and fitness equipment you get is top notch, great quality. The little booklet you get detailing what the products are for and do, as well as the workouts and recipes is also a great bonus. I've tried a nice few recipes and have not regretted it. I especially love the little motivational card you get in each box (it's the little things).
by Jillian written 10 months ago
I've gotten three boxes so far. I haven't tried everything but the value is phenomenal. I especially like the sweatshirt we received! I've bought three new products as a result of trying them in the box. Great for anyone into lifting.
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amazing :)
by Brooke written 10 months ago
I have had a subscription since the first box. I love every month because it is always different and always a nice surprise. I love being able to try new products before spending the money and maybe not liking it. love the leggings... maybe do another pair and some colors in them. keep up the amazing work.
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Really helpful box
by Lauren written 10 months ago
I'm very new to weight lifting and I don't know very much about supplements or different equipment or different workouts. It's been really helpful for me to receive a box every month with good quality supplements, cool shirts, protein bars that actually taste good, and the neat little 'magazine' with recipes and new workout ideas.
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Look forward to this
by Bud written 10 months ago
Great products and accessories that I look forward to getting every month. Makes taking products on the go a breeze whether it's in my gym bag or my work bag.
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my motivation
by Sandra written 10 months ago
I'm truly super happy to have subscribed to this box and tell friends about it all the time. It also sparks my motivation to hit the gym hard and try new things when I receive it in the mail - everything about the box is awesome and I love how the owner and people that work for Barbell Box interact with their community. It's nice to be heard and to get some sweet gear as well. And regarding some other reviews where they say that you can get these supps for free from stores - I've never had that experience before - and in the box you get full size things too! And I don't have time to go to stores and ask for free stuff....this is my opportunity to try a bunch of things and mix things up a bit. I personally LOVE receiving this box every month and will continue to do so. Thank you Chad and Barbell Box team!!!
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by Karla written 10 months ago
Not only does the barbell box come with great product, it also comes with excellent customer service. Love the notes in each box addressed to you with a motivational message. Also I love that it allows me to try so many different supplements before I make a purchase. My favorite time of month when my barbell box arrives!!
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