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I'm very disappointed in Glam Beauty

Nov 05, 2020
Ewa A.
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I cannot answer product questions, because I have yet to receive the box. I was charged for the box, $31 is a lot of money to NOT send this supposedly fabulous box, SAD

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The Beauty Godz said...Nov 20, 2020

You Never received a box from us because you haven't paid the $35 in shipping that's required to ship the box to your country - POLAND. You Paid $27 for The glam beauty box and zero In Shipping! it cost more than $35 to ship this box to your country POLAND and you expected us to pay for Shipping when we charge everyone shipping even people in the USA. Your located In a country-Poland that's very expensive to ship boxes to and i don't know why you expect us to pay the shipping fee when we charge all customers shipping especially international customers.
We provide international shipping as a convenience but at the customers expense ONLY.
You Also reside In A Country where customs is...


Jul 13, 2020
Nicole B.
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Subscribed for 13 days

I cannot answer product questions, because I have yet to receive the box. I was charged for the box, I got email to review it, left messages for the seller, but no response...$33 is a lot of money to NOT send this supposedly fabulous box, SAD
UPDATE: Box was received, WOW, looks like someone grabbed a handful of junk make up from a discard bin!!! Lip gloss? not sure, not labeled, but goopy and nasty. Shimmer stick makeup? Not sure, no label, doesn't matter, it doesn't even show upon my skin, it literally melts in and disappears. A mask for acne, (I don't have acne), An old Victoria's Secret solid perfume, with price tag on it, and looks a bit banged up...the only thing worth using, is an everyday brand of nail polish, in an ugly pink color. OH...just about everything was frikkin pink. Rude customer service, as can be seem by the reply here. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! I should have saved my money and bought dollar store products, at least I'd know what stuff is.

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The Beauty Godz said...Jul 13, 2020

The first time you reached out we responded 10 mins. later so i think you may have the wrong business. We ship all our boxes on the 14th with all monthly members & your box shipped as schedule and on time. Next, as far as what you received - This was our highest rated & requested box to date "The Victoria Secret Theme". We can not give you different than what's shown in the photos unless you reach out prior to the 14th (which is the day we ship) and then customize your box which you can do for free. If there's anything else you may email us and we will respond as we did the first time right away. We have 24/7 Live Customer...


Jun 11, 2020
Leslie H.
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Subscribed for 3 months

I got a 3 month sub, I only got two boxes, never a third. The ones I did get were months late. I got these for my friend's birthday and I felt bad they were so late and one never came. The products were nice except a blue eyeshadow exploded on everything and stained a bunch of stuff , I had to clean everything and my friend had to throw the whole pallet away because of the eyeshadow. I would never suggest this sub box to anyone

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The Beauty Godz said...Sep 05, 2020

Hello & Thanks for reaching out again.
Unfortunately, I see you forgot to mention that your an *International ( AUSTRIA ) Customer That has ordered in March 2020, And as of April 1st the Government shutdown all deliveries in & out of this country due to The COVID Pandemic which is out of my hands and everyone else's for that matter especially during April & May. We can not control the government shutting down, Even the post office workers were not working as they normally do due to the Virus. After the pandemic resolved some you forgot to mention that you instantly received your boxes once the government open our country back up and allowed deliveries in & out of the country again. Your country (AUSTRIA)...