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4.4 of 5 stars
by Katie written yesterday
I received my first box this month (January). I literally read the book in one sitting, it’s not a book I would have picked of the shelf in a book store, but I couldn’t put it down and the t-shirt is a perfect choice, I love the printed quote on it. Once I have funds I’ll definitely order again and consider a subscription in the future.
Save your money
by Anthony written 8 days ago
My experience with Bookish Box was terrible. I purchased it as a gift for my girlfriend. Due to us moving, I needed to update our address for the month of November. At the end of October I contacted the company to update my address on file so that the November box would be sent to the correct address. The box ended up getting sent to the wrong address. I was later informed that I needed to update the address well in advance of the box being sent, this is completely ridiculous. I contacted the company more than two weeks before the box was sent, which should be ample time to make sure the correct address is on file. After purchasing the box for three months I immediately cancelled my subscription because I did not want to be charged for another three months when it was set to renew. I even reached out to the company to make sure that it was okay for me to cancel right away. To my surprise, I received an email right before it was going to renew for another three months. Thankfully, I was able to cancel before being charged again. In short, my experience with The Bookish Box was less than ideal. I highly suggest that you look elsewhere.
by Megan written 20 days ago
I was billed twice before even receiving anything. Furthermore, a tracking number was sent today (1/3/2018) for a shipment that was supposedly shipped on 12/20/2017, but according to USPS, wasn't even received by USPS until today. I'm very unhappy with customer service, and I would like a refund on my January order. I can't review the contents of the box, because I haven't even received the one from December that I paid for.
Um no!
by Sheryl written last year
Only received an extra small T shirt. Nothing else. I know when I signed up I told them my size. I could have bought that for under$5. Is this what I am to expect in the future?
The Bookish Box said...
last year
Hello! Thanks for your feedback. I pulled your account order and it looks like you signed up for our shirt only plan and selected the size, woman’s XS. Our shirts are made from The Bookish Shop where each shirt retails at 22$, so our pricing is a great value. If you would like to switch your plan or size please email us and we are happy to help! We also may have a shirt from December shipment in the size you would prefer that we can send you.
Could be better!
by Erika written last year
For my first time ordering this box, I wanted to see more items.
by Leah written last year
I Used to Love This One...
by Jennifer written last year
I first subscribed to The Bookish Box in July 2016, and I've only recently cancelled my subscription. At first, I really enjoyed this monthly box; it was definitely one of my favorites, and I looked forward to it every month. As an adult (now 31), I liked that the themes didn't seem to cater to one particular demographic. For example, there were themes like Fantasy, Banned Books, Bibliophile Goodness, and Literary Ladies, so they were general enough to be able to pull inspiration from many works. Unfortunately, going into 2017, the themes became both more specific and YA-focused. I do read some YA, but I prefer adult books if given the option. The Bookish Box seemed to be working hard to focus on the YA lovers and a younger demographic, which is great if that works for their company, but I found myself becoming less and less interested in the themes. I have liked an item here or there, but it's not enough to justify the cost of the box. Also, shipping has always been ridiculously slow for me, and my box has almost always been in one of the last batches to ship. I'm not sure how they determine which boxes get shipped first, but there have been plenty of times I've seen new subscribers on social media receive their shipping or even boxes before my box shipped, so I know it can't be length of subscription. Overall, I'd recommend this box if you're a big fan of YA lit and get really excited about some of the more popular YA series and fandoms. Otherwise, I think there are better ways to spend the monthly subscription amount. I do have one more one-time box hopefully shipping soon, but I think that will mark the end of my time with The Bookish Box, at least for now.
by A. written last year
November was my first month getting The Bookish Box. Initially, I was underwhelmed by the package. The mailer bag had a tshirt, a book, a Book Beau, a necklace, notepad booklet, pins, and a couple of prints. On first look, it just looked like filler items. Once I got over my initial reaction, I realized how beautifully curated the "box" was. Everything fit the month's theme and seemed to complement one another. The t-shirt is super soft and feels very high quality. I could die happy in it. The book, although not exactly my type, was a good read and a great way to explore a genre I don't generally reach for. The Book Beau...once I actually researched it...I was so happy to have. It's a $22 value and can hold a book, a kindle, or a tablet AND protect it from scratches/moisture/bumps. I travel a lot so having something that will keep my books and my tablet safe is awesome! While I don't love the design, I don't care as long as it functions properly (and that it does). I was underwhelmed by the notepad booklet but it happened to be the most useful item as I needed something like that for work (lots of sticky notes to be carried in the pocket). The necklace, pins, and prints probably won't get used by me but would be cute gifts for the youths. Overall, this sub is amazing so far. Having a surprise book and bookish goodies to look forward to every month is worth the price. I don't plan on getting a tshirt with each order as I simply don't have that kind of space in my closet. But for the $10 surcharge, that option is totally worth it and the tshirts are great quality.
Love this box
by Melissa written last year
I absolutely love this subscription. The shirts alone are worth it. I’ve also gotten one Time Harry Potter box and was blown away. My all time favorite was the Princess Bride box. I wear my shirt all the time. My glass was amazing and finally the crown necklace was adorable. I can’t wait to see what she will be doing for the next year.
The shirt alone is worth it!
by Brooklyn written last year
I love Bookish Box! The shirt alone would be worth the cost for me — they are such nice quality, fit perfectly true to size, and are flattering on me in ways many other t-shirts from other subscription boxes are not. Add in all the other fun things that come in each box, and it’s an amazing deal for the price.
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