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4.3 of 5 stars
by Amanda written 23 days ago
I loved my box. And can’t wait until this month’s gets here.
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Sadly, Overpriced
by Amanda written 28 days ago
I have been subscribed to The Bookish Box for 2 months, but I recently canceled it after paying for my 3rd and final box. The price was just too much for what was actually provided. I paid $43 (not including shipping/tax) for the box with a shirt, goodies, and a YA book. Unfortunately the only "good" items included were the book and the shirt...which I do highly recommend buying one-off's of their shirts if you can! I am aware that the shirt is most likely the reason for the high price, but other boxes I've received include totes, shirts, pillowcases, and other things that are similarly pricey and yet the boxes are $5 - $15 cheaper. The stuff provided in the box (besides the book and shirt) are just throw away/paper/random items that you'd probably throw out in a spring cleaning or just in general. Examples provided... February 2018 Box: 2 Harry Potter prints (gorgeous!), Percy Jackson bath bomb, luggage tag (cheap), ACOTAR pin, random feather, and a wand thing you could clip on your key or backpack. Everything was just so cheap and useless... March 2018 Box: Jem Carstairs print, Pride and Prejudice lotion, Grisha universe tea, Fangirl hanging thing, coaster (cheap and your drink will soak through and ruin). Better than February for sure, but still not worth the price. If you want to try this box I think you should! It is not a bad box, but in comparison to some other boxes the quality and price don't compare. *All of this is my personal opinion, I do not wish to discourage anyone from trying this box if they really want to.**
by Meagan written 30 days ago
Originally I thought I was only getting a tote. But my impatience got the best of me. I received my kit this evening. I got a cute shirt, some tea, a few cool drawers and a lot more ! Overall super impressed , and excited to give it as a gift to my friend 😊
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All YA junk
by kevin written last month
This box was lame. I thought was going to be literary items. Book themed products that weren’t specific to any one book, just made off book lovers. No, everything is directly tied to a book, all YA, all things I have never read. And the shirts are also book specific, and so are also a waste because I don’t want to wear shirts related to YA books I have never read. I though that they would be book lover quotes. Also, I hear people complain over and over that they hate these art prints that boxes include as an item, and I am jumping on that band wagon. I just throw them in the garbage. Where am I expected to put these things? I’m not a teenager. I have yet to fond a good adult book box that has things I would actually use.
The Bookish Box said...
last month
Hello, We love including book specific items in hopes it encourage’s people to try new books. We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback with our art prints, we work with new talented artists to bring books to life. We’ve seen our customers frame them, use them as bookmarks, ect. We try to use book quotes on shirts that apply to all people, for example our March shirt, “I spent my life folded between the pages of books”. While it’s from a book, it’s also a phrase most readers can relate to. We offer other options, if our goodies aren't a great fit, you can always do the shirt & book only style. If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to us!
by Diane written last month
This is one of my favorite book boxes. I've loved most of the items included in the boxes and the books are great reads. It is a bit expensive with shipping to Canada but it's like a present I give to myself every month and I'm worth it.
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Nice, just expensive if out of US.
by Shannon written 2 months ago
I liked the contents fine, it's just too expensive when exchange rates are factored in. The books were great choices, however the additional content was sometimes a little lacking, depending on the month. Loved the bookmarks and the mug and book pouch I got once, but the jewelry was not great (just my opinion). Overall good, not great for the price with extra shipping and exchange factored in (I'm in Canada).
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Nearly 2 years of Awesome
by Kathleen written 2 months ago
I haven't ever had a bad experience with this box. It's my only subscription box right now, though others have come and gone, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Well, unless maybe I want to start getting shirts again since they can do that. They work with other small businesses and creative people to give the fandom things they didn't know they wanted but now want more of, and in the whole time that I've been with them there has only ever been one issue which has been resolved quickly and with great communication. I'm so very happy that I found them!
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Started out great
by Tara written 2 months ago
I’ve been a subscriber for a while, however I did just Choose to cancel my subscription. The customer service was great, once received a cup it was broken in shipping and they got a new one to me right away. I have just been disappointed in the last few shipments, the one this month came shipped in plastic bag, it was a pretty one however my bath bomb was destroyed because there was nothing to protect it. That being said there was some beautiful art work that came with this box. And some really neat other things. I may try again in the future
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Always a Good Read
by Kat written 2 months ago
Every book I received was a fantastic read. The gifts that came with were always cute. Overall it made this book lover happy!
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Disappointing company
by Natalia written 2 months ago
Worst company to deal with! Signed up for a box the beginning of January and still haven’t received any box even after I was charged for it a day after signing up. When I contacted customer service they told me I wouldn’t get a January box but a February box even though as you sign up it clearly states that you’ll get a welcome box. Weeks later I’m told that they are waiting for items for the welcome box and that it would only be a few days. Later on I’m told February boxes would go out on the 10th, ignoring the fact that I was promised a welcome box and still nothing... right now there is no answer of when I will get the welcome box or the February box ( if I’m getting anything at all). every one gives you the run around, seems like a very irresponsible company who promises great things but delivers literally nothing. So disappointed.
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The Bookish Box said...
2 months ago
Hello, I pulled up our email records to go over our communications with you- I want to see where this went wrong. When you sign up, you are charged for your first box. Our team reached out to see if you would like a welcome box, or would prefer to wait for the February edition. I don’t see a response from you, since we didn’t receive a response, we didn’t send you a welcome box and didn’t charge you a second time. So you’ve paid for just the one February box, which is shipping this week. I can see that there is a misunderstanding that happened, it seems that you believed you wouldn’t be charged till the 20th. Our FAQ’s and welcome emails go over this, but we will take this feedback to try and find new ways to none of our customers feel the way you have. I’m sorry for your experience & if there is anything further we can do, please let me know.
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