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Spruce up your home with fresh, gorgeous bouquets

Treat yourself – or celebrate a loved one – with fresh cut flowers by The Bouqs! Subscribers can select from a mix of roses, farm-to-box flowers, or classic floral arrangements.

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Q: How does the Bouqs notify me about an order?Asked by Cassidy M., April 2019

The Bouqs sends all emails to the person who ordered the bouquet, so if it's a gift, the surprise won't be ruined. You can forward any emails (like with a tracking number) to your giftee if you like.

by Dawn C., April 2019


Q: How do I cancel the Bouqs?Asked by Tiffany M., April 2019

You can login to your account online to cancel. If you bought months in advance, you need to talk to their support team about what to do with the rest of your subscription period.

by Jessica M., April 2019


Q: When does Bouqs box ship?Asked by Nicole S., April 2019

The Bouqs lets you decide how often to ship your flowers. Boxes are delivered Tuesdays-Fridays.

by Tammy H., April 2019


Q: Where does the Bouqs deliver?Asked by Melanie W., April 2019

The Bouqs delivers flowers in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

by Gabriella H., April 2019

Reviews (6)

Creatively Beautiful

Mar 19, 2019
Samantha S.
1 Review

Unlike other companies, Bouqs sources their flowers from farmers all over the world, resulting in unique arrangements. I have loved every delivery and the very few that were not 100% Bouqs customer service came to the rescue and made it right (it turned out to be the delivery issues not the flowers). Another reason I love, love love bouqs is their subscription service. I can schedule flowers for my whole family for the year and not worry about it!

Ladies here me now!

Mar 11, 2019
Andrea H.
44 Reviews
37 Helpful

Ladies its time we got ourselves flowers! The kind we like and are long lasting and beautiful and arrive when we want and need them! These are gorgeous flowers not the grocery store kind that entice the senses with beautiful scents and amazing colors. Give yourself the gift of happy you deserve it!

Beautiful surprise

Feb 15, 2019
Lindsey J.
1 Review

I received a bouquet of two dozen roses on Valentine’s Day from Bouqs and it made my day. The roses are beautiful and I love what the company stands for! I will be ordering from this company in the future

Gorgeous Roses!

Feb 15, 2019
Jennifer G.
1 Review

I received a box of gorgeous flowers from bouqs and they are absolutely perfect! They were delivered in a sturdy box and the flowers were safely wrapped to keep them looking fantastic! The vase is beautiful and sturdy, and they seem like they are going to last a long time!

The only place to get flowers!

Feb 15, 2019
Cori B.
1 Review

I have gone through every flower delivery service and tried dozens upon dozens of florists and it's always hot and cold. The Bouqs company NEVER DISAPPOINTS. You get them straight from the farm and they last WEEKS. No joke, no exaggeration. Plenty of perfect, fresh, gorgeous flowers every time.

I'm not happy with the service I got.

Jun 26, 2019
Christina L.
1 Review

I would run, not walk away from this brand. I ordered an original bouquet of Asiatic lilies for my aunt's funeral, whom I cannot attend to, because I am ill and it's in another state. My mourning family received the bouquet as completely closed buds. When I got in touch with customer service, the person had no empathy whatsoever, and proceeded to say that the bouquet is supposed to arrive that way.
However, the advertising is very sneaky - despite the ad showing a picture of a full bouquet of flowers, there is a comment at the BOTTOM of the listing (As the rep coldly pointed out), which you may not see if you are ordering from a small device, like a cell phone. It says at the very bottom that the bouquet's flowers will arrive with closed buds.
There are also pages in the website that assure that the flowers coming from florist partners will arrive "In full bloom and arranged to a designer's touch." Mind you, there is no clear designation in the website advertising, as far as which bouquets are coming direct from farm or not, and what that actually means. Furthermore, wouldn't a direct-from-farm order be considered a "florist partner"?
Seeing as there are many similar reviews of dissatisfaction, the owners must be aware of the discrepancy, but decline to provide clarity or a transparent website.
Going back to the customer service rep, he flat out denied helping me in any capacity until I continued to push, and I still...


by Bouqs
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