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The Desert Box
The Desert Box is a succulent and cactus subscription box offering monthly and quarterly plans

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by Yudith F., Jun 19, 2018

I still haven't received my box?

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The plant was dead

by Heather T., May 12, 2018

The plant was dead when I received it

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The Desert Box said...
May 15, 2018
Hi Heather! So sorry about your latest shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot control what happens from point A to point B, but if you send us an email at we would be more than happy to send you a replacement on us!

Careful, may take months to ship

by Casey C., Aug 28, 2017

I purchased a gift subscription in early July. After hearing from my recipient that it never came, I emailed The Desert Box to ask about my order's status. I didn't hear back for several business days and tried a different address. They finally responded and informed me that, due to their shop moving, it wouldn't be mailed out until mid-September (I was supposed to have received an email about this, but never did), and they offered me a coupon for another purchase. But that won't make up for my recipient receiving her birthday gift so late. I asked for a full refund.

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Save your money.

by April E., Jan 31, 2017

Purchased this box because I enjoy plants, even spent the extra money to get it shipped to Canada. 1 teeny little plant that is literally 1 inch tall..
It came in such a way that the plant was squished between the planter and the wall of the box and it was bent 90 degrees. I had to re plant it. I regret this purchase.

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