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Amazing monthly box delivering beauty and wellness products to you, baby & furbaby (dog).

Plans as low as $26.99 / month

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The box is ok

May 16, 2018
Erin B.
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The box is ok but I just don’t think it’s worth the money! I think it’s overpriced and the items I’m getting are just boring and not exciting! I got a single use packet of Dior skin, a toy for my dog, a treat holder for my phone so I can take selfies with my dog, sample of Becca liquid highlighter, small bag of treats for my dog, and a small sample of hand cream by L’ocitane. If these were full size items I’d be thrilled but they are very small sample sizes.

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The Ellie Mae Box said...May 17, 2018

We’re sorry that you are disappointed in your box. However, in our listing we specifically state that it’s a mix of full sized and mini sized items and the mini sized items that you receive are of high end brands, ie Becca highlighter. For the “Me & Furbaby” box, the full sized items are usually for your furbaby - a toy or a handmade accessory and a bag of treats. For this month, you received a very innovative product called “The Woofie” - a neat tool used in conjunction with your cellphone to take awesome pictures of your furbaby! This product is currently one of a kind in the market right now and that’s what our box tries to offer - new...

Jun 03, 2018
Joy N.
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Subscribed for 18 days

Never received as planned

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The Ellie Mae Box said...Jun 15, 2018

We have promptly contacted you to confirm that your box was lost in the mail as the address inputted in the system was not accurate and you confirmed this. We recently mailed out a replacement box out of courtesy. Please adjust your review, thank you!

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