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  • Current box: Four Directions Goddess + Astrology edition for Sept/Oct 2021 (Essentials and Elementals box). Must submit zodiac sign with order for customization. Please order by September 19h to receive this box. Shipping for all boxes will begin September 29th, 2021. Boxes renew at the end of the following month.
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The Four Directions Box- Sacred Space
Four Directions Boxes available are: Essentials (5 + items), Elementals (8 + items). Always created in sacred space. Most items are handmade and may include smudge sticks, candles, dream catchers, crystals, wands, incense, herbs, smudge sprays and altar tools. Coconut soy wax candles, luxury fragrance oils, organic herbs and oils.
  • Seasonal selection of magical items with new box theme every two months
  • High quality ingredients such as coconut soy wax, organic essential and luxury fragrance oils, eco and wood wicks
  • Altar tools such as wands, crystals, brooms, tiles and sachets
  • Incense sticks, resins, incense burners and smudge feathers
  • Shamanic items such as dream catchers, smudge sticks/sprays, loose smudge and talking sticks

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Photo of undefined current box Four Directions Goddess + Astrology Box

Four Directions Goddess + Astrology Box

Box for Sept/Oct is custom with astrology and goddess items (please provide your zodiac sign for customization with order). Included is a handmade bracelet (Essentials box) or necklace (Elementals box) with your zodiac constellation + gemstone rosary style chain, personalized candle, tealights, smudge + oil. Goddess items: pendulum mat, pendulum + crystals. Extra altar tile or zodiac candle holder (Elementals only). Additional Halloween/Samhain candle in every box.

Order by September 18th to get this box!

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Reviews (2)

Love the box

May 24, 2021
Jaine G.
7 Reviews
Subscribed for 16 days

I love everything I got! Best subscription box ever!😊❤️

Verified Purchase
Spiritual Galaxy- Wiccan and Shaman Creations said...May 24, 2021

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I am thrilled that you love the box! 🤗
Many blessings,
Sabine@Spiritual Galaxy


Jan 29, 2021
Danielle B.
30 Reviews
10 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I loved the theme and the way the colors all wove together. The number of different candles was awesome!! (Tealights, beeswax and beautiful jar candle.) I could tell many things were handmade which I really love. I would definitely recommend this box if you want a beautiful altar ready made for you to celebrate and connect with the cycle of the year.

Verified Purchase

Past boxes from Spiritual Galaxy- Wiccan and Shaman Creations

January/February Four Directions Moon Box

January/February Four Directions Moon Box

The Four Directions Moon Box is about new beginnings for the coming year. Available in two sizes: Essentials and Elementals Moon Box. Items include smudge fan, moon dream catcher, Opalite moon crystal, tealights, chime candles, smudge stick and mix (Essentials, 7 items) plus triple moon cuff, altar tile, luna aurea roller ball oil blend and crescent moon container candle. (Elementals only, 11 items). Scents are: lavender + sage + white birch. Pic shows Elementals box.

Four Directions Yule Elementals Box

Four Directions Yule Elementals Box

Four Directions Elementals Box has 8 or more magical items. Item count depends on the size. The Yule box includes a Yule Broom, Witches Brew Wax Melts, Palo Santo and Selenite Bundle, four hand rolled Honeycomb Beeswax Chime Candles, two Tealights, Candle Bowl , Sage Smudge Spray and Smudge Stick. White gift box is decorated with feathers and ribbon, box size is 8 x 8 x 4.

Four Directions Chakra Box

Four Directions Chakra Box

The Four Directions Chakra Box comes in 2 sizes: Essentials + Elementals. Essentials box includes: chakra tealights, altar cloth, incense sticks, smudge feather, crystal, bell + 2 smudge sticks, 8 items. Elementals box has additional chakra container candle + large Om metal over wood box . Candle scent is Patchouli/Amber + Dark Chocolate/Honey. Incense is Nag Champa/ Sandalwood, 10 items. Pic shows larger box, shipping will begin 5/29/21.

March/April Four Directions Spirit Box

March/April Four Directions Spirit Box

The Four Directions Spirit Box is about clearing + renewing energy, Essentials or Elementals Box. Include items: metal incense burner, pure Palo Santo incense cones from Peru, Palo Santo resin incense sticks, Mountain Sage + Palo Santo smudge stick, Palo Santo Sticks, Pineapple Sage tealights, Black Agate crystal + Palo Santo oil (Essentials Box: 8 items) + Wicca aroma lamp, Sage/ Palo Santo candle and Sandalwood oil (Elementals Box, 11 items). Pic shows Elementals Box.

Four Directions Spirit Animal Box

Four Directions Spirit Animal Box

Four Directions Box for July/August is the Spirit Animal Edition. Essentials box: elephant soapstone aroma lamp, glass tealight + crystal tealights, custom smudge mix, dragon's blood smudge, incense sticks, bell, Dolomite spirit animal, Selenite + oil. Elementals box: add on incense burner, container candle + roller ball oil, scent: nine sacred woods shavings + woodsy essential oils. New option: Scent + Candle box (reed diffuser, candle, tealights, scent: lime sangria)

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